Barbara's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Start to Her Birthday

Silence is Not Always golden


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Dear Barb,
I never felt let down, disappointed, or less than important with your radio silence. I just knew you had important work to do.

However, I'm delighted to read this blog post and hear that you are back in your groove, and look forward to following your posts again.

Love and hugs to you and Stew. Hope to come visit you in St. Augustine next year.

Becky Kyes


I just assumed you were basking in the success of EW's treatment, taking a break to enjoy the relief and enjoy life back aboard for a bit. We all need a break from time to time. We all love your stories, but mostly we just love you for who you are--even when you are silent. Hugs, love and well wishes always,



Nice post Barb. You deserved a quiet respite for sure for clarity and healing. Congrats on coming through it all with your chin up and a smile. Enjoy life on the water again.

Abigail Greene

Just found this post and was happy to see you back and sorry to hear about what your husband (and you) had to deal with . Hope his strength continues to come back and you are able to live in the way that you enjoy the most. I had been "following" you for several years and always appreciated your "style" - of writing and dealing with life.

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