What Not To Say After a Hurricane
Fish Gotta Swim, Birds Gotta Fly, Boats Gotta Float

People Are Wonderful

Harts At Sea



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Great blog Barb. It restored my faith that good kind people exist, there is so much negative bullshit around these days. Your article really blessed me in many ways. Hugs, looking forward to seeing La Luna back in the water. Darleen.

Cheryl Wilson

Barb, I hope your days get better and better.
Hopefully La Luna will be floating happily in the water.
I'm sure it has been a trying time since before Matthew but with the great attitude you have Fair Winds will be coming your way soon.

Cheryl and Robin Wilson
SV Just Imagine...
Friends of Carl and Carrie

Cathy Klein

Another inspiring post from you, Barb. Grace in adversity....you are amazing.

Barbara J. Hart

Thank you, Sweetie. Hugs. You were such a help.

Barbara J. Hart

Thank you! We are back aboard. All the well-wishes and kind thoughts really helped. Hugs.

Barbara J. Hart

Thank you, Sweetie. I love that we are still in touch. Ava has grown so much! What an artist. People are wonderful. You know that. Hugs.

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