Rip Van Winkle Cruisers’ Syndrome Or Our Cruising Mindset
Friday Morning Coming Down

Hurricane Matthew

Well, Dang him! I have promised two Matthews that we will not hold this storm against them, so this danging is only meant for 2016 Hurricane Matthew. He can go straight to H. E. double hockey sticks and the sooner the better.
Knowing that this blog has been AWOL lately and that those folks not on Facebook have had no proof of life, let me confirm that EW and I are alive and well and not stupid.
We will not stay on the boat during the storm.
This breaks our hearts. It makes my stomach hurt. And I'm angry that we are here for this rare storm. Our safe zone was supposed to be Brunswick Georgia. As of this morning, we may get the high tropical storm winds as Matthew passes through much too close to shore (now, maybe even hurricane force winds) but Brunswick may get hit with a category 2 hurricane.
This is not good for any of us, and our hearts go out to the people of Haiti, Cuba, and the Bahamas. We are fearful for our friends and family in Georgia and the Carolinas, and particularly concerned about those who are aboard their boats in those areas. We wish the best possible outcome for everyone.
It is past time when we can hope for what has historically happened or the possibility of the storm swinging back to the east. It's time to put on our big girl and boy pants and do what is right. We will prepare the boat as best as anyone could do and we will head inland to stay with friends. And drink wine.
Maybe lots of wine.
We will have our phones and electronic apparatuses with us. (Why isn't that apparati?) Do check in on how you are faring, and feel free to contact us if you're worried. I will do my best to update the blog and Facebook at least daily.
October 2016 has been very interesting.
All who want the rest of October to be boring with a chance of fun, raise your hand.
Also, please "Think East". East is a good thing. Go East young, Matthew. Go East.


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Jerry French

Sorry to see your boat is going to have to be exposed to the hurricane but at least you did not plan to stay aboard. All the best as we all watch Weather Channel

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