Hurricane Matthew
So This Happened (Part One of La Luna Encounters Hurricane Matthew)

Friday Morning Coming Down

Good morning from Elkton, Florida. We are safe, worried about La Luna, but safe, well-fed and loved by the cats. The power has flickered and Comcast is off, but we have cell phones, data, and a TV on an antenna.
Yesterday morning we debated moving inland. EW and I made that more difficult as we would have had to use two cars for the four of us and two cat carriers. Deb packed a bag of precious things and I reduced our needs to one bag plus our precious things.
We decided to stay, noted the location of a nearby pet-friendly shelter, and prepared two locations inside the house in the event of a tornado. All of that creates stress, but we have been pleased with our far.
Now, it is 9:52, the storm has arrived, and it will get worse, but it has moved a bit East so we will not have a direct hit, either here or where La Luna is. The storm is approaching St. Augustine. The Bridge of Lions has closed as they have now reached winds sustained at 40 knots. I just saw the first row of boats tied at the marina. We keep hoping that the TV crew will move south and show the mooring field.
We are all safe. All we can do is hope that La Luna comes through unscathed. I must say that the TV stations we've watched are doing a great job. I thank them.
Here is Sophie.


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