Whatever Will Be, Will Be
Timeline of Our Trek North

Finally in St. Augustine

Quick update!


We are safe on the Mooring in St. Augustine. There is a new blog post up on our timeline
for this Trek and you will see that we arrived in … fog.

Fog like you find in Maine.

Fog like we sailed in when in Maine.

We know fog.

Florida boaters do no use fog horn signals. We saw them on the radar and we saw them on
AIS and we talked with two of them, but we never heard or saw them in real
life. They were out there. We made it into the channel in the fog and arrived
in time for the 4:30 bridge opening—important because they don’t open the
bridge at 5:00 and we’d have had to wait until 5:30 if we missed the 4:30.

An easy supper, a bottle of wine, a couple of games of Tock,
and we were wound down enough to sleep until 8:00 this morning.

Now we get La Luna organized for “home” life, put of the
Christmas decorations, and I get a job. Life is good. 

We have one phone so far, it is now ours but will be Stew’s.
The number is 786-300-8852.


Feel free to call!


Love and hugs.


Barb and Stew

Barb Hart

Sailing. Find out where by going to:


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