And For Our Next Trick ...
Accepting Help and Paying it Forward

Three Weeks in Linton and Counting.

We were on the dock for nearly three weeks. (There are at least two stories there.) We moved to the anchorage and EW continued to work on the alternators. We thought all was good and left for the San Blas yesterday, for a Three Hour Cruise. Unlike the S S Minnow, we safely returned to the harbor after realizing that the charging alternator ...the big one...was not charging the batteries.
Thanks to Issac in Colon, and Adam of Linton Marina who translated for us, they isolated the problem to the brown wire going between the starting panel and the voltage regulator. This morning EW opened the starting panel and found a toasted brown wire.
Of course, in addition to fixing it and other toasted items, he needs t find the cause. Guess we know what he'll be up to. I intend to tackle the sun awning/rain catcher and to get caught up on my writing.
Stay tuned for stories about Linton Marina, chicken buses (on which we've yet to see a live chicken), Colon, and two of our favorite Panamanians: Adam and Issac.


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