East Meets West and Has a Ball
And For Our Next Trick ...

Two Days on the Docks

We are in a slip at Linton Marina---or what will be Linton Marina someday. Right now they have three piers with slips, a trailer office, and lots of construction. Crews work here 6 days a week and are currently constructing a travel lift and a launch ramp, as well as getting power to one of the docks. This weekend they will host a fishing tournament and evidently those boats need power. The sailboats on the other two docks rely on wind, solar, and generators. Power boaters are weenies.
Non weenies were the focus of our first full day on the dock when the marina hosted a triathlon. Competitors swam around the docks, carried their bikes up to the road for the second heat, and collapsed after running across the finish line. I dragged EW out of bed at 0600 so we didn't miss anything. He was not pleased but he rallied.
I rewarded him with Friday Pizza Night on Sunday, so he's OK. Or he was. We followed yesterday's busy day with a somewhat unplanned provisioning trip. Keith and Jaime offered to show us the two nearest towns for shopping and Keith wanted to get an early start so we caught the 0730 bus. I had thought that the towns were just a short way from here and had decided that we would check out the stores, get what we needed for a few days and I would go in later in the week to provision for six weeks.
The larger town is 57 kilometers from the marina. Traveling on a local bus got us there after 0900. I had my master list with me and we got her done. Between the two boats, we spent well over $700.00, earning us a free lift back in the store's van. We arrived home starving, ate left-over pizza, and stored everything---finishing after 1800 (6PM).
We were as hot, sweaty, and tired as the triathletes. But not in as good shape and yet we didn't collapse. We did cool down on deck with gin and tonics. Tomorrow we'll start the boat projects early in the morning...so we can go to lunch at a French restaurant.
This cruising life is tough. No doubt about it.


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