Postlet: A Cloudy Day in Sabudupored
East Meets West and Has a Ball

Postlet on a Sunny Day

Finally! A sunny day. This morning started cloudy and we ran the generator again. Now the breeze and sun are keeping the batteries up.
We are in siesta mode. EW is napping and I'm waiting until 2 before taking a paddle on my borrowed SUP. Not complaining but the sun us hot; I will wear long sleeves and apply zinc oxide to my face.
This morning I completed all assigned tasks and sent an article off to All at Sea Caribbean AND I did two bucket loads of laundry. I have, of course, washed everything from our wet salty passage, now I'm trying to get caught up with the weekly stuff.
Still only La Luna and one other boat here in Sabudupored --- which I pronounced perfectly on the net this morning. See, I can learn new things.
I promise to have EW take a photo of me on the SUP. One day.


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