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Postlet on a Sunny Day

Postlet: A Cloudy Day in Sabudupored

Good Monday morning from La Luna at anchor off Sabudupored. I will not say "Sabudupored Island" as the "dup" means "island" and that would be redundant. So we are at Sabudupored, which I keep repeating in an attempt to remember it for tomorrow's Panama Cruisers' Net. Continuing to say "Sabu-whatever" is embarrassing.
It's been cloudy in Sabudupored, though we got in an excellent snorkel and swim yesterday with our neighbors John and Lela from Yachtsman's Dream. This is a lovely, quiet anchorage in the Green Island Group, where the best WiFi can be found. We will be here at least until I email a few articles that have July deadlines.
We had thunder storms last night and have heard rumblings this morning, which means I must keep the oven available for the electronics. Protocol on La Luna requires that all portable devices live in the oven during storms. No baking banana bread until the all clear.
So, I can write on the laptop until/unless the storm develops---or I can clean. Which would you chose?
Writing it is!
Here's a photo of the storms in the mountains yesterday. Those were not our storms. Our storms came from the north. We were the middle in a lightening sandwich.
Oh joy.
No issues. No worries. All is just fine on this cloudy day in Sabudupored. (Dang! Still had to cheat to write that.)
PS. This is a test of the new short post or "Postlet" (like Piglet but not as cute) System using the BluPhone. Please let me know via FaceBook whether or not the photo was visible on the blog. Thank you.


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