Two Days on the Docks
Three Weeks in Linton and Counting.

And For Our Next Trick ...

So this is what we woke up to. It comes as no surprise as this is exactly how it looked when we went to bed. Today we have to figure out how to plumb the new water pump in its new location.
A frequent phrase in La Luna is, "You can't push a rope." Evidently the same cannot be said for water. For 13 years the fresh water pump on La Luna has remained in the place the former owner had installed it. The pumps have burned out more often than they should and the new pump specifies that it should be placed no greater than 6 feet from the feed tank.
Ours was 20 so the pump had to pull water a long way from the tank before pushing it to the faucets. Burn out. EW decided to install the new pump close to the tank and that of course opens up a whole new can of worms. Time to install new pump in old location: 30 minutes. Projected time to install new pump in new location: 6 hours. Actual time: 8 hours and counting.
We don't yet know how to correct the problem. We d know it will require new hose and fittings and they are in under the V-berth. More mess. Today I get to join the fun.
Oh joy.
Just another day in paradise.


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