Head ‘em Up and Move ‘em Out
48 Hours

La Luna Has Left the Mooring

Shortly after 1500 on June 10, La Luna was freed from her borrowed mooring with help from neighbor, Skunky Ron. We had used two lines for safety and one had tangled around the other, around the two pick-up bouys. (Who uses two pick-up bouys, MB?)It was a mess discovered after the dingy had been raised and all things stowed for travel. Either I was jumping into the water, or we needed help. We got help.

Yesterday, I went into Crown Bay Marina for the next to last load of fresh water, and told Steve at the fuel dock that I would be back for a bit of water and fuel before leaving today. "Where are you going?" "To Panama." "You hauling the boat first?" I stared at him, and smiled. "No, Steve. We are sailing to Panama. That's what we do. We sail."

We both had a good laugh. Steve wished us a Blessed Journey and hopes we are "all in one piece" when he sees us again.

I have more impressions of getting ready, saying a new round of "Good-byes" and setting off on this new adventure. They will have to wait. All systems are go, I'm due on watch in a few, and I need to try to get this message out and get some Grib Files in.

As of 1754 on June 10, 2015, La Luna was at 18.13.89 North and 065.61.69 West. We have 12-18 knots of wind from the southeast, and are sailing 213 True at 5.8 knots.

More tomorrow!


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