Mr. Bill
You Sa y "Horrendous" ; I Say Not so Much

Do You Know the Way to the San Blas? Ta-Da-Da-Da-da-da-Ta-da-da

With apologies to Bert (Burt?)B. We kinda screwed up this passage---mainly in the planning and navigation process, which would be my bad. It's embarrassing but I will share the truth at some future point. Keith and Jaime on S/V Kookaburra have been helpful and patient. Waiting for us, their parts, and sending emails in reply to my questions. We are about 500 miles out and actually see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Note to family, friends, non-sailors and small boat sailors: We have never been in danger.

Now then, we have sailed in the largest waves and longest sustained big winds than I have ever sailed.

We are not done. We have 500 miles to the goal and drinks with Jaime and Keith. (Lots of drinks.) Of course we will be arriving with the projected squalls. It's that kind of trip. La Luna is an excellent heavy-weather sailing boat. We are sailing in heavy weather. Chris Parker, radio weather guru called the conditions "horrendous". That is not encouraging. We are out in it. We are doing fine, and all harbors are too far from the rhumb line to do us any good. So we will be sailing in 30 knots with higher gusts, and 12-15 foot seas.

I'd be nervous, but we've been in these conditions for 4 days now. I'm getting used to it. We won't be near any reefs, we watch for ships and other sailors, and we keep fed, hydrated, and rested.

As of 9:00 AM on the 18th, We are at 16 22.49 N and 75 46.610 W. We will clean the galley and set sails for our San Blas Rhum line. Life is still good at sea.


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