You Gotta Have Friends---Particularly When in Guadeloupe
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Whatever Happened to Barb and EW?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Hell, I want to know. We are mostly absent on Facebook, correspond rarely on email, and you have every reason to believe I've forgotten the blog.

We find it hard to believe that we've been in Guadeloupe for six weeks. The first four weeks were definitely not a case of time flying when you are having fun. We were not having fun. I have a list of 17 significant things that went wrong or broke on the crossing. EW and I have recovered but some things are still not fixed and others have joined the to be deep-sixed pile. Most recently, both laptops died. Both.

So here we sit in a beautiful anchorage with free WiFi and no laptop. This is the second post written on the iPad. The first one was lost. Typing on the screen is much easier than typing on a French Keyboard. Trust me. They don't like periods, so one must use the shift key to end a sentence. And don't even ask me where all the letters are. You know I'm on a French keyboard when many of my "a"s are "w"s.

 That's why the blog is behind. The book I'm working on has been relegated to outline form using "gasp" ink on lined paper. Maybe my penmanship will improve. (Like that would happen.) Favorite is researching laptops and notebooks and we probably will go without until we get to St Thomas. If this post actually gets saved to the iPad, EW swears I will be able to email it from Notes. Since I have loudly proclaimed my displeasure with Apple in general, iTunes specifically, and this iPad, I am very afraid that the universe which is Apple isn't queuing up to help me. Call me paranoid.

Lately, every time I ask EW whether I may use his iPad, he always replies, " It's our iPad." Trust me, this is not my iPad.

Life is good in Guadeloupe and we and the boat are healing. Bit by bit. Now if I can just figure out how to save this file.......

Barb Hart

Sailing. Find out where by going to:


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Yeah, but you're not having to endure a Maine winter. Remember to count your blessings. Great to hear from you!

Marcia Nixon

Was wondering where you two had disappeared to! Sorry to hear of all the "glitches" to your glorious life.
We have been in the "deep freeze" here now for several weeks....looking forward to leaving for FL and thawing out for a month and a half...
I sympathize with your using a French keyboard...I used my daughter's when I was in Switzerland - Spanish - and things just weren't in the right place! Of course, I then got used to it and had to rethink the English one when I got home!
Stay well and enjoy your time in Grenada!

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