Calming Caribbean With Pigpen and Tigger
Life in France Has That Certain Je Ne Sais Quoi

It's Hard to Have Pigpen MomentsWhen You're Tigger at Heart

Most who know me would agree that I'm a pretty upbeat person. Good thing most of you didn't see me during the first two weeks in Guadeloupe. Things were much better after Lynn and Ken joined us and led a number of adventures and somehow opened the floodgates for sailors from America, Canada, and Great Britain.

Still, EW and I found ourselves uncharacteristically melancholy, and I discovered one day that instead of my normal enthusiasm, I felt a bit like Charlie Brown's friend PigPen, who walked around followed by a cloud. Things improved when we motored three miles to Ilet Du Gosier, a beautiful sandy anchorage surrounded by beaches, and just offshore from the charming town of Gosier. This is my new favorite anchorage in Guadeloupe. (My apologies to Deshaies and Isle Du Saintes, my former favorites.

Here, We finally went swimming in the Caribbean. Here, there is free WiFi at anchor. Here ...well I'll wax euphoric over Gosier in a later post. Lets just say, that here we became cruisers again. But that cloud still rained down. Both laptops have died and the cushions we ordered are inferior. We will forfeit our deposit and return them. It won't be pretty. Another PigPen moment.

However, we have made new friends from New Orleans and Canada, and EW is ecstatic to meet another guitar player, Alan, who also spent many happy afternoons in Grenada playing music with Peter on Two Much Fun. As I struggle to write this on the dang iPad, EW is playing music with Alan.

We are making do, making tough decisions, and making plans to do something fun every day. Every day, I have fewer PigPen moments and more Tiggerr moments. (Is it acceptable to mix cartoons, or is that like mixing metaphors?)
While you ponder that, I will sing that "I'm Tigger with an 'eh' not Tiger with an 'I'. T.I.Doubble Grrr. TIGGER!

Here me roar.

(Now I have to apologize to Helen Reddy, too.) A Tigger bounce to anyone who gets that last reference. Feel old, much?

Barb Hart

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