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Calming Caribbean With Pigpen and Tigger

After four weeks in Point a Pitre we finally moved the boat to Ilet Du Gosier---just three miles south and a world away from the hustle, speedboats, cruise ships, and tankers. The grocery shopping is nearly as good here, and even better in some cases. There is a tiny little hardware store that exchanges the camping gas bottles; the friendliest, most competent English speaking tourist office person; and multiple places to purchase baguettes and pain du chocolate.

All that and more, including beaches and an amazing "floating"salt water swimming pool are on the "mainland". Can islands have a mainland? But the most important feature for me is the Ilet with its beaches. I have finally swum in the Caribbean. Bliss. Warm water. Sand. Turtle grass. Sun. Gentle waves. Bliss. (Oh, I already said that, didn't I?)

It has made all the difference for me. Fortunately Lynn and Ken are still with us, as EW has a cold and didn't feel like exploring or swimming. We will stay here until the cushions are done and then come back so EW and I can play together At Ilet DU Gosier. Even more bliss in my future. That's a good thing because a part of me feels like Charlie Brown's friend Pigpen. You know the guy---the one with the cloud following him around? This isn't good because I'm more of a Peppermint Patty or Tigger person. (I know it's a sin to mix metaphors. Is it also a sin to mix characters and literary genres? If so, I apologize.)

The newest challenge is that both laptops have died. Really. I am writing this n EW's iPad. You know it's serious when I deign to stoop to the iPad. We have sent the SOS to Favorite, but probably won't have new laptops until St Thomas, later this month. Once the cushions are done we still plan on some cruising stops along the way, but won't stay in one area for more than three or four days before moving on (providing the weather cooperates), and will make our way to St Thomas land of US Mail and shipping, and dear loves Jeff and Barb plus many cruising friends.  

I was in the midst of writing a new book, magazine articles, and better blog posts with photos. Nothing has been lost as I have been the Queen of back-ups. The writing will just have to be relegated to notes and outlines and organizing my thoughts. I can do boat projects instead and get back to serious laptop work when we get to St Thomas. A cloud over my head or just another learning moment? I am choosing learning moment.

Deep calming breath. Oh! Lets go swimming. At a beautiful Caribbean beach.

This does not suck. 

"I'm Tigger with an eh not Tiger with an I. T I double grrrr. TIGGER


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