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Seven Days at Anchor

EW just informed me that we arrived a week ago today. How time flies when ..

Well, fun wasn't on the agenda this week, though, yes we have enjoyed a bit of French food and wine. Just a bit. We opted for Guadeloupe because I want to spend time at anchor in some of my favorite places. We chose to first visit Pointe a Pitre because we have issues to take care of. This week, some of the more difficult bits were crossed off the list, necessitating roaming the city and it's surrounding area on foot, in a bus, in a taxi, and in the dinghy.

The boat has been rid of pests (don't ask)and cleaned more thoroughly than normal, almost every article of clothing has been washed, EW has fixed the dinghy motor (for real, this time), and we've begun work on some more more yachty boat projects. On Monday, we will finally call the fridge repair person, but in the meantime we get by with two coolers and daily shopping. The people are friendly and willing to help even if they don't speak English. Per capita, it seems as if more folks in the Azores spoke English than they do here. On the other hand, they grow the best small melons here, and many other lovely fresh food items. Being without a fridge has not been a hardship (except on the day and a half when we didn't have a dinghy motor).

I had hoped to have all necessary things done by the 6th, but that isn't going to happen. No worries, we are at anchor in the Caribbean where there are many free dinghy docks, wine, sun, and one very friendly French Bulldog who likes belly rubs. The one thing I find lacking is available WiFi. The marina offers free WiFi near the office, with no bench or table to make it easy and comfortable. There is an "old-fashioned" space with computers available and I'll probably go in and pay them for a few hours tomorrow -- if I can remember to get in there before their two and a half hour mid-day break. I cannot find out what Digicel would charge for X amount of data, but Orange is ridiculously expensive. We currently only have a local phone number for calling and texting.

For the first few days I did check email and Facebook, using my phone on the Marina's WiFi, but then the dinghy motor died, we got very busy with tasks and searching for parts and services, and EW was poisoned by the Caribbean black flies. Liberal applications of OFF! and a great itch reliever have given me back my husband. So, on Sunday we are resting and gearing up for another few days of boat work, and treasure hunting.

In the meantime, we are just now beginning to sleep through the nights, and are getting caught up. Eight hours in our master stateroom, sleeping next to EW is such a luxury. (Get your minds out of the gutter, people!)

And two other observations:
1. We were delighted with the emails and Facebook messages waiting for us when we arrived. It was great to hear from so many of you. Thank you for the best wishes, advice, condolences, and appreciation of my weird sense of humor.
2. I truly liked writing a blog post nearly daily and without worrying about adding a photo or ten. While I appreciate (Lynnelle) that photos are necessary, I will focus on them less, and on writing more.

Because I know I've been remiss these past few days, this post is being written and published via Sailmail as if we were at sea. Because we kinda are . . . we aren't on a dock and we don't have WiFi. That's like being at sea, right?

Finally, the Caribbean sun is doing wonders with our new solar panels -- course it helps that they don't have to charge up the refrigeration. The sea gods givith and the sea gods takith away.


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Hi guys, glad you made it safe n sound! Will look forward to a catch up and jam
Rob, Jen and Balrog. ( currently in les saintes..not far! )

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