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If Everything Were Perfect This Wouldn't Be an Adventure - December 9th

West At Last

Yesterday we turned to the west. Finally. Our course is 263, which is quite close to the rhumb line course of 257. The GRIBs show a bunch of fronts over here and it looks as though the Canary Islands may get the higher winds we saw on Passage Weather back before we left Tenerife. I assume all of those fronts worked to give us a favorable shift and the opportunity to head in the right direction.

Little things mean a lot. We placed a mark on the navigation software indicating where we'd like to be two days from yesterday evening. Later, I realized that once we reach that point, we will be close enough to Guadeloupe (1900 miles) to have the marker for our boat and our destination on the same screen. (Told you it was a little thing.)

This new course and the new, lighter winds, have resulted in a much reduced sea, and a quieter boat. Prior to the turn, I made a lupper of soft tacos, the assemblage of which required EW to join me in the galley to hold the iron skillet full of cooked filling and the salsa jar while I corralled the oven pan and the tortillas. Lupper was delicious. (For newer readers, "lupper" is our term for the one good meal each day, prepared for late afternoon in lieu of preparing lunch and dinner or supper. Hence, "lupper".)

The boats in the Atlantic Crossing Group that are well ahead of us all talked about how happy they were to be away from the motion found back here 100-200 miles off the coast of Africa. While we aren't yet into ocean swells, we have been delighted to not be tossed back and forth, port and starboard, with no apparent plan or warning. I am bruised where I shouldn't be (one door and one rough landing on the bulkhead between the galley and the main salon). Life was still good at sea, but it's much better now.

We have a day or so of light winds coming up, which means slow forward motion with our much reduced genoa, but after that we should be back in the sea of 15-20 knots of wind and able to move at 5-6 knots every hour. It may take all of our projected maximum of 28 days, but we will get there in fine shape. And perhaps the bruises will have healed by the time I am able to swim in the Caribbean.

As of 0115 on December 8, we are located at 20 degrees 16.26 North, and 24 degrees 49.20 West heading 263 at a whopping 4.3 knots an hour.


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