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To Boldly Go ... Slowly

Greetings from North 17 degrees 48.99 minutes and West 29 degrees 37.83 minutes. The good news is we are now moving more west than any other direction. The other good news is that I was correct in my assessment that we motor south last night and pick up wind from the east. It's not a big wind, and it's a bit north of east so we are currently heading to Guyana, but we are sailing, and we'll gybe tomorrow and head more directly for Guadeloupe.

I've been thinking about Star Trek - the one with Jon Luc Picard - this began after catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror one night. It was still chilly, so I had on my Dallas sweatshirt with the hood up, and the headlamp was shining brightly like a red third eye in my forehead. I thought I looked like a budget home movie cyborg -- but not as sexy as the one Jon Luc fell in love with. Then, since I've had a bit of trouble sleeping, I thought about the one where those tiny organisms invaded everyone's dreams, causing them not to go into REM sleep. Evidently that can create periods of insanity. I plead that as the cause of the next tidbit.

Favorite very kindly and tactfully let me know that the Thunder Alley post had a problem with Port and Starboard. My apologies. This wouldn't have happened if I had given EW time to proof it. I can't fix it until we land and get on-line. Assume when we turned to the north it was to starboard and when we turned to the south it was to port. Thank you, Favorite, and thank you for wishing Dale a happy birthday. You are the best shore manager ever.

Speaking of Favorite. He has emailed us. Actually sent news about what's happening with his life. We were thrilled. We've also had news from my friend Kathy. Plus two people have responded to an email I sent them. That's it. Cue the guilt: Ours will probably be the slowest crossing of the season, as we have light winds and a torn jib. We may make Guadeloupe by New Year's, but certainly not for Christmas. A number of friends and family have our Sailmail address and we'd love to hear from you, but we'd better spread it out a bit.

First group: Over the next couple of days, if you have our Sailmail address and your last name begins with A - F -- please send a short message -- 5-10 sentences, letting us know what's up with you and yours. I'm making this request in groups because the Sailmail is currently downloading at 190-400 bytes a minute. (And you think your on-line is slow!)

And finally, a reminder: Do respond to our emails from Sailmail but do not REPLY. REPLY is an email term for responding to an email by hitting the REPLY button. REPLYing will automatically send our original email back to us. Remember at an average of 200 bytes a minute it takes a while to receive email. Keeping them short, and not using the REPLY feature saves me time, Sailmail time, and the wonderful volunteer HAM operators time.

We love Sailmail.

Love all of you, too. I know that those without our Sailmail address are leaving notes on the blog and Facebook. I look forward to reading them.

This glimpse of real life brought to you by Star Trek. I hope I don't start dreaming about Tribbles, now. They're trouble, you know.


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