Downwind Sailing
It Was Noted In The Log

Slofter wly We Sail, Knot by Knot

So -- the Christmas winds that weren't died today and we are eeking along at 3 knots in 6 knots of winds from the East. It's that kind of passage. Meantime, our friends on Hobnob, who left Cape Verdes about 3 days after we turned West endured seas and winds so rough that they were under staysail alone for at least 2 days -- maybe more.

Such is the sailing life.

We have seen the occasional sea bird, and a number of flying fish. We've returned three of those to the sea - -one was still alive at the time -- and we hope that gives us better ocean mojo. As for neighbors. We haven't seen any boats for a couple of days. Two nights ago a larger sailboat was coming up on our port side, aiming right for us. They opted to gybe and cross our stern about a half mile back. We didn't talk -- I figured they were busy. I asked EW in the morning what we would have done if we had been going faster than a sailboat in front of us (not likely with our heavy boat and a partial jib). He said we would probably have tightened up a bit and passed to port. Gybing is work with just two people on board.

We are sleeping well, eating well, and drinking plenty of water and coffee and juice. We have a no alcohol policy under way. I'm looking forward to a bit of the bubbly when we get to Guadeloupe. Have some eggnog for me, someone!

As of 1737 UTC on December 18, we were located at North 16 degrees 05.87 minutes, West 43 degrees 19.85 minutes.


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