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One of Those Days

Sailing and Sleeping

It takes two or three days for us to adapt to the passage life, to learn to sleep in shifts -- 4 or 6 hours here, 1 or 3 hours there. We aren't racing anyone and have plenty of food and water on board, so we don't have to jump up and do sail changes unless there is a big change in the conditions. When I came on watch, we jibed the main. We'll probably jibe back when we change watch again at 0600 -- the wind is shifting to the east. On our first night, we had 20 knots, give or take, between the islands of Tenerife and Gran Canaria, and along the bottom of Tenerife. Once we left the islands, the winds died to 10-15. Now we have just 5-10. It's a slow night.

We expected the light winds. Though many boats left when we did, others opted to wait for the "real Christmas winds". One couple was particularly gloomy about our passage, opining that we'd better have a good downwind sail, that we'd be out for a while, that they certainly weren't leaving yet.

Right now, with compromised sails, we are sailing over 4 knots in just 7 knots of wind. I'm OK with that. We are supposed to have light winds on the 4th, and then they will pick up to 15 knots. I would love 15 knots of wind across the Atlantic. (EW would prefer 20). Either way, we'll make it across within our 21-28 day timeframe.

In the meantime, I'm preparing easy dinners (On our first night, I roasted veggies with Italian seasoning, tossed them over pasta with some cheese, last night I made risotto and a salad with the last of the lettuce.)I'm not tackling any projects, make sure I drink a lot of water, and try to sleep when I'm off watch. Later on, I'll write more or work on some task or other. These first few days are all about getting our passage clocks working. We are sailing and sleeping.

As of 01:24 UTC on December 4th, we were at 26 degrees 52.39 minutes North, and 018 degrees 37.10 minutes West. We are sailing downwind trying to get a bit more south.


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