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Thunder Alley on December 8th

If Everything Were Perfect This Wouldn't Be an Adventure - December 9th

The first order of business for the 9th was to make sure we both got some sleep. Instead of getting EW up at 6:00, as we'd planned, I held out until 7:00. He let me sleep until 11:00, and said that we would go back on normal shifts at 2:00. We started out with wind and clouds, and truly had to accept that the wind was our Thunder Alley prize and be thankful, as it wasn't predicted and we didn't expect it to last. By noon, Casey was struggling to steer in a nothing breeze and ocean swells and we had to hand steer. As I write this at 3:30, we have sun, whispy clouds, and blue skies, and are once again on our course to Guadelouope.

EW was a bit disappointed when he asked our speed and that's when I told him that if everything were perfect it wouldn't be an adventure. If it were that easy, everyone would do this. I'm working on a series of essays on following one's dream, the actual sacrifices and challenges, and those that others think are sacrifices and challenges. Here's the thing: Even if "it" whatever "it" may be, is truly your dream, you won't like everything about "it".

Rough passages, thunderstorms, boat projects, and not sleeping with your spousal unit for over a month (hate that), or whatever your dream's challenges are - happen. That all pales for us when we're out here meeting the challenges together, or enjoying a beautiful day with just the right amount of wind from the right direction. (That will happen. I know it will. I know it will.) In the meantime we run the engine (my preference), or mosey along at 2.8 knots under sail power.(EW's preference. As the Captain, he wins.)And we are truly thankful that we have made whatever sacrifices we needed to make in order to be out here sailing our boat on the Atlantic.

A note about communication: Early this morning after the thunder storms, I tried to post the Thunder Alley blog and download weather. Unfortunately many of my normal Sailmail stations were occupied and others had bad propagation. I trust these go through tonight. But this is a good reminder for you reading the blog -- especially for non-sailing family and friends -- if I don't post for a day or two, it doesn't mean there's something seriously wrong. If something serious were to happen, we'd set off the ePirb and the powers that be would alert Favorite. So, no news isn't bad news, it's just no news.

No worries.


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