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High Noon on the Moon (That's La Luna to You)

As I start this post, it's 0845 UTC (quarter to nine in the morning), or 0345 (quarter to four in the morning) on the East Coast of the US on Sunday the 14th. We have not changed our clocks thus far and now a couple of hundred miles short of a pseudo half-way point, we find time to be relative.

The sky is light, but the sun has not yet risen. That means that In Real Life it's much earlier than almost nine in the morning here, but on La Luna the sun rises late. I wrote about this on the way to the Azores (See "Does Anybody Really Know What Time it Is?"), when we decided to adjust our watches and clocks along the way.

This time, we have regular radio checks for the Atlantic Crossing Group at 2000 UTC (8:00 PM) and I just know if we try to adjust our ship's clock for where we are that we'll (I'll) start missing our report time. When EW wakes, I'm going to suggest that we just go with it as it is. We aren't eating any meal or sleeping at the times we would on shore regardless of which shore we were on. I'm making one meal a day, generally "lupper", we each get our own breakfast, and we have sandwich, canned meals, and leftovers for options for a third meal or snack. We sleep in shifts around our watches. This schedule has nothing to do with Real Life, but it works at sea.

We'll just have to make sure that we land in Guadeloupe in daylight, whatever time that is on the ship's clock. As for sleeping, I finally got 7 good hours in (5 and 2) within a 16 hour period. I feel rested, awake, alert, and am now writing more legible log entries. EW will be pleased about that. His writing is always legible. Must be that Catholic school education.

LATER THE SAME DAY. EW wants to change the clocks. (Of course.) He doesn't expect to have problems remembering the NET time. (Of course not.) He said if we didn't change time, the sun would rise later and later and we'd have "low noon" on La Luna. EW doesn't want "low noon". Make any other time jokes you wish. Beginning tomorrow we'll be losing an hour every few days in order to move our clocks back by 5 hours as we reach the Caribbean.

There will be post-its all over the boat telling me what time I need to do the net TODAY -- because it won't be the same time as when I did it the last time. I am so screwed, but EW will once again have "high noon".

So that whole email in alphabetical order didn't work. If you have our sailmail address we'd love to hear from you anytime. EW would especially love it if someone could tell him the Bills' scores for the past two Sundays. Go figure. He actually has the game schedule in his iPad and it beeps at game time on Sunday. Invariably he will say, "There's an alarm beeping." I now reply. "Bills Game," in a "Land Shark" voice.

As of 1700 UTC on Sunday December 14 we were located at North 17 degrees 47.47 minutes; West 34 degrees 40.98 minutes. On Monday, we will set our ship's clock back an hour at 11:00 UTC, making it UTC -1. And so it begins.


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