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Fun? You Call this Fun?

So we're at sea. The seas are choppy, confused, and six feet. Our sailing neighbors to the south say they have nine foot breaking waves over the stern. They are having less fun than we are. We are fine, La Luna is fine, Casey the Auto-pilot is working his heart out, and we are moving at 6 knots (5.5 under sail, 6.5 when we're surfing down a wave).

This is not what I think of when envisioning crossing, but it's what we've got for now. I told EW I wanted swells, not waves. He's working on it. In the morning, we'll jibe the jib and head west, and hope that the farther we are from the African coast, the better the smoother the seas.

So, do I like passage making? It's OK. It's EW's thing. But but our experiences this year have been phenomenal: getting ready, sailing across to the Azores, falling in love with the Azores, meeting amazing sailors in the Canaries. If I have to cross an ocean to have these experiences, then I'll cross an ocean.

I'm going to bed, and let this ocean rock me to sleep. The motion is more like a washing machine than a cradle, but I'll take what I get. As of 2024 on 12/5 we were at 23 degrees 57.20 minutes north, and 21 degrees 15.48 minutes west. Bouncing.



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