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We Found our Course

We have too much stuff on the boat, despite what I had thought was a massive purging back in St. Thomas. One of the things we liked about La Luna is that she has room for lots of books. Even though we both now mostly read on a Kindle (me) or iPad (EW), all of the book shelves are full. I've taken to going through those on my side of the bed, reading some before putting them in the book swap bag, and putting others into the bad directly.

Of course, some will be kept as I just can't part with them. Before we left Maine, I purchased a newly published non-fiction paperback by Simon Winchester. That was in 2010. I just this week began to read it. The book, "Atlantic Great Sea Battles, Heroic Discoveries, Titanic Storms and a Vast Ocean of a Million Stories".

I'm glad I waited until I was more familiar with the Atlantic before reading her biography. Because this is a biography of the Atlantic Ocean. The Washington Post review is perfect: "Simon Winchester is one of those maddeningly gifted British writers who could probably write the history of mud and make it fascinating. In fact, he sort of did ... A rollicking ride .. No one tells a better yarn than Winchester." We will purge some books over the next few weeks, but not this one. Not yet.

So, here's news: On October 7, 2014, after a bit over 5 days at sea, we actually got back on our projected course to Graciosa. Sailing is like that. You plan a course, and sail where you must to catch the wind, avoid storms, go around rocks and islands, or to simply keep moving in mostly the right direction. When we left the Azores (sniff) and sailed from Santa Maria we were not able to sail southeast and had to accept that we were going to be west of the line for a while. Whenever the wind allowed us to make east, we made east. Yesterday we sailed due east and touched the line. Well, the little red boat-shaped cursor on the chart plotter touched the big green course line that goes straight from Santa Maria.

We celebrated with a kiss, turned La Luna to the southeast, set the sails to wing-and-wing and aimed for a point just north of Graciosa. We could use a bit more wind, but are still making 4 knots towards our goal. I'm OK with that.

We have used up the last of the Azorean bread, (Wipes away a tear.) so yesterday I made bread, a skillet cake, and a pasta dinner. EW liked dinner so much he put it in the log; isn't that sweet? We may not be making quick headway directly to our goal, but we are eating well.

As of 0154 on October 8 we are at North 32 09.39 and West 17 44.954 and fewer than 300 miles from our goal.


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Cathy Klein

So glad that you have reached your next adventure! Do parakeets live in the Canaries?

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