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The Call of the Azores

I am writing this at 0435 on October 4th. We have been at sea for 40 hours and should be 160-200 miles from Santa Maria. All weather predictions showed east winds at 15 knots or so, since we are traveling southeast to the Canaries, east would have been just fine.
We have seen mostly southeast winds. We have tacked to the northeast twice (and are on that second tack back now) and are only 76 miles from Santa Maria. I'm bitching. It's a beautiful night, the seas are much calmer than they were last night. We have a moon and stars and (so far) no boats coming within sight. There's nothing wrong with this.

The plan now is to actually cross our rhumb line this time. We didn't go far enough on the last tack, instead being seduced by a wind shift that didn't last. When I send this out at 0600 I'll get a new weather report and hope it's right. One of our favorite neighbors at our home in South Portland was Cassie, a sweet, smart, creative, delightful little girl who played with our dog, Coffee, and who loved to talk with Favorite when he was in town. Cassie just earned her PhD in meteorology. I will have questions for her after this sail. Either EW and I are doing something wrong or all the weather gurus are when they compile the gribs. How hard can it be?

I know. Bitch. Bitch. Bitch.

As of 044 on October 4 we are at North 36 00.71 and West 024 04.195.



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