Land Ho!
Cruisers' Midnight and Other Tales of Summer


Finally, I've been able to read the comments on our crossing. Loved Kate regarding the wind vane/auto pilot confusion. Loved Darlene's worry and best wishes. Loved that Pam got Rabbit Rabbit.  Regarding the whisker pole, we were well off the wind, not quite down wind for much of the last week. We were able to have the jib poled out and that was especially effective in the light winds as it kept it from flogging as much. Actually, I loved all the comments and delighted to have so many friends, family and new friends following along.

I would love the whisker pole if it hadn't bound up. EW spent all of day three on land trying to fix it. I'm trying to convince him that the morning is for boat work and the afternoon is for sightseeing. 

Wifi at the marina is so spotty that it is useless. EW and I are at a nearby cafe where he is inhaling cheesburgers and fries and checking email and news on the iPad and I am posting a 3 day old blog post, writing a new one and checking email while eating a light soup. Last night we watched the first part of the World Cup semi-finals and wondered if our cousin John missed the hoopla, work, and excitement that comes with a career at Fifa. 

Today, we plan to wander this small city, take photos and enjoy life as a tourist. We still need to take in the volcanos and do a bit more boat work before heading to Flores. I'll keep writing, and now that I know where I can actually post what I write, I'll get it up more quickly.

Cheers and hugs!  



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Chuck Osgood

Congrats guys. Enjoy. You earned it.

Kate @ BBF.

Ha! Thanks for the mention. So happy to hear you made it to Horta safely!

marcia nixon

Delighted that all is well and you are now landlubbers for a while. Reading your posts about the crossing has been so exciting - but nail-biting on my part...I don't know how you do it! But it sounded like it was wonderful - especially seeing the whales and dolphins!
Enjoy every moment of your land time. Looking forward to pictures! Jim sends hugs and kisses - me too!

Judie Glodowski

We've been following you since your second departure from SXM. Glad it worked out so well for both of you. Your just reward was that you got to see land first. Enjoy the sites and the people. It is an experience that you will have forever. Jan and Judie s/v Meridian Chaser


Thank you, Judie. It's always an adventure!

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