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We are Voyaging

You Call THIS Paradise?


Things are going well. It took me a day or so to get back into the swing and to begin to believe the auto-pilot would work. Last night I didn't notice a wind shift and first blamed Casey for failing, then had to apologize to both him and EW -- to EW for getting him up half way through his watch. Ah well.

We did take that tack to the east, going about
70 miles, thirty back to our intended course, the rhumb line, and 40 beyond it. We ended up traveling a bit south as well, but more to the East. We tacked while EW was up due to my error and are steaming along at 6-7 knots under the jib and a reefed main. We are heading North, about 30 miles east of the rhumb line and that's great. I'm looking forward to getting the new grib files when I send this to see whether we have successfully avoided most of the no-wind zone to the north west. Fingers crossed.

There are some things I don't like about crossing oceans. We certainly are isolated. Just us. Lots of sea and sky and us, though we did see a tanker passing three miles behind our stern last night.

The waves and wind are big enough that we get the occasional dump of water across the deck, so no hatches are open below. I'm hot and sweaty and making quiche the other night nearly melted me into a puddle. I hate that.

Would someone please make a head (toilet) lid that will stay open under way long enough for me to sit down? So far, gravity has won 70 per cent of the time. I hate that.

We are hot-bunking it, that is one of us sleeps while the other stands watch and we use the same bed. No issues there, of course except for the lack of air. EW tends to get settled and not move for much of the night, so when I slip into the sea bunk, it is to go to sleep on sweaty sheets. Not too fond of that, either.

We both showered on Monday before leaving Sint Maarten and I had expected to shower again today. Every other day is normally my limit. EW had the 6-10 AST watch, while I slept until 9, awaking slowly and thinking about when today I would take my much needed and well deserved shower.

Turns out EW "forgot" to tell me that he has planned for two showers a week and thinks Mondays and Thursdays are good. I am not pleased. I am really not pleased. I stink. My hair is greasy. EW stinks. His hair is greasy. We have enough water to take a light shower every other day. Our tanks were full when we left and hold 200 gallons. We have 35 gallons in jerry jugs and another 5 in drinking water. We don't have a water maker but it just moved higher on my list. I absolutely know that we will arrive in the Azores with lots of left over water because EW won't let me shower more.

Knowing I wasn't happy, when he went down for his morning nap he asked if he was still my favorite husband. "Yes, but only because there's no one else out here to choose."

Other than that, things are great. We are currently at 19 49. 8N and 62 32.6 W.

Aromatically yours ---


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