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The Passing of June

Happy summer! Back home in Maine, I bet the strawberries are delicious, flowers are blooming and the corn is almost knee-hi. Here, I actually wore a light weight fleece jacket on my night watch. Come to think of it, that's like sailing in Maine. No fog here, though. We are cranking with reefed sails in 15-20 knot winds with gusts over 25, and less than 900 miles to go. We are heading a bit too far north and hoping for a wind shift in the next few hours.

Our location is 36 42.8 North and 45 44.3 West. The good news is that this is the farthest east I've ever been. The bad news is that we are closer to Newfoundland than we are to the Azores. When I woke up for my 10A watch, EW said, "No icebergs, yet." Need a wind shift. Need a wind shift now.

Actually, we are doing fine and the wind has started to change. Life is still good on the high seas.



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steve vogios

Barb and EB

Congrats on your smooth passage so far. Been following your blog (and book) for years and we really enjoy your stories.
Quick question, you described you wisker pole, halyard situation yesterday and I can't help wondering what direction the wind is coming from. The wisker pole would imply that you re running and your using it to sail wing-on-wing. What direction is the wind from?

Good luck

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