Gee, This Looks Familiar

Micky D's

Just a quick note to say that we will leave Sint Maarten for the Azores.  Again.

Happy Father's Day to all Dads and Grads out there. EW worked his tail off today to get us ready to go -- including going with me a final trip to the Grand Marche store to replenish the foods we've eaten in the past two weeks.  He wants you to know that we got bacon. (Three pounds of bacon.)

Right now we are at McDonald's. Really. Becasue they have good free WiFi, and the folks watching the World Cup are quieter than the folks watching the games in the nearby bars. I've come off the boat wihtout my reading glasses and will blame all typos on that.

We have about three hours of stowing and cleaning to do tomorrow morning, and are then out of here. The anchor won't fall off, the auto pilot is working perfectly -- and Brad and EW discovered two problems that caused the failure. Those items are fixed and we're good to go. I'll be posting without photos as we cross. Expect to hear from me about every 3 days or so.  

We have a new smart phone and have signed up for a Voip service. Boy, technology almost left me behind in only three years. Once I figured out that the hard phone needed a soft phone, I got it working, so one day soon, you may see our Maine phone number in your caller ID. It will be us.

Right now, EW is checking the weather, and it looks great. All systems are go. That brings to mind one of my favoirte moments from Sint Maarten.

I was ashore with the handheld, running errands, buying a phone, and getting a few groceries. He agreed to retrieve me from the Yacht Club dock whenever I was ready. So I called him on Channel 10 -- the channel used by the cruisers here in Sint Maarten. "La Luna. La Luna. La Luna. This is Lunah Landah." No response. "La Luna. Lan Luna. La Luna. This is Lunah Landah." EW replied. "Lunah Landah. This is La Luna." I had the radio volume down too low and didn't hear him. So he called me again, and I called him again. Everyone on the net could hear us calling each other. During a pause , one cruiser got on the radio and said. "Houston, we have a problem." 

May all your problems be that small, and may you laugh at least once a day.





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