We are Voyaging

Life at Sea with EW and Me

EW said that we'd know when we were in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean because there's a line. I keep looking for it, but it's a few days out.

The other day EW asked this unanswerable question: "You know how when we get ready to dive into the water we take a big breath of air? Do you think flying fish take in a big gulp of water before they jump into the air?"

We decided that was Voyaging Deep Thought.

He also was a bit miffed that I had mentioned the shower issue on the blog, but he didn't tell me right away. In the manner of married couples everywhere it came out after a sharper conversation. Usually I am very mindful of not crossing the line between blogging and our privacy. I like to say this is a truthful blog but not a tell-all blog. I still don't plan to tell all, but this time I just laughed at his concern, and replied thusly:

"Are you kidding me?! Number one, you even introduce yourself as "The Topic", so my posting about you is no big surprise. Number two you've got me out here in the middle of the damn ocean with NO ONE else within miles and you think I can find something else to write about?" He had the grace to laugh. We both did. -- And that is when he told me that we weren't in the "middle of the Atlantic" because we hadn't see the line yet. I do love that man.

There isn't a lot to write about. We aren't heeled over much so that part is comfortable, but we will have 5 and 6 foot swells that cause a roll, which makes any task interesting. Just now my hands followed the laptop as it slid four inches to port. Every batter, yogurt mix, or bowl of milky cereal left unattended for two seconds will always slide and slop over. As chef and galley slave I admit to smiling often this morning as I sat drinking coffee in the cockpit while EW made bacon and eggs below. I heard a lot of grunts, groans, and a few choice words. Afterward, he had the grace to praise me for making muffins, pizza, and yogurt from scratch while under way.

Seriously, there are many women and men who are much better at this than I am, and have written the cookbooks to prove it. I bow down to them.

Cheers! From North 30 22.07 and West 055 79.55. We are officially farther east than I've ever been before.

EW is my captain and he approved this post.


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We are a bit behind you, My last day at work is in July and we sail south to Mexico in the fall. We did bring the boat from Seattle to SF last November so I know how rolly it can be. I wanted to thank you for your great blog, I've been following it for awhile. I do love the fact that you include more than the drinks and sunsets, it helps us prepare for what we are in for. I especially like the cruising/voyaging distinction, I'm going to use that when I explain to our land based friends, that there will,in fact, be shore time in our future. We laughed for a long time at the "aromatic" entry and have redoubled our efforts to fix our busted watermaker...
Fair Winds, Eric

Lynda Leonard

Tell Mr Stinkypants, he's not alone in that arena, Mrs. Stinkypanties is there too!! You guys are too funny, and if that's all you have to disagree about, you are going to have a long live together!! course you know that now don't you?? Miss you and have fun on your voyage!! Love hearing about the adventure!! Say hi to Stewie!! From dave and lynda!!

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