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Gee, This Looks Familiar

We left Sint Maarten for the second (and hopefully last time this season-knock wood)on Monday at 11:00 AM AST. Currently the ships watches are following AST time, but the log is UTC. Right now, it's 8:00 AM or 0800 in 24 hour time, and I have another two hours for my morning watch. EW is sleeping. When I wrote in the log, I entered 1200 as it is noon at the master clock across the sea.

This fascinates me. As we sail east we'll gradually alter our watches so that by the time we get to the Azores we'll be acclimated to that time zone. There is no jet lag when sailing.

However, we aren't supposed to be going east yet. We are supposed to be heading mostly north with a slight east to it. Just like on our aborted trip a few weeks ago, the winds are pushing us northwest. I have three day old grib files and will download current ones when I post this. At that point we'll decide whether or not we want to tack to the southeast. There's a bit of weather - a high and low dancing with each other north of here and it's sucked all the wind out of the area. It looks as though if we get 100 miles east, we'll have a better shot at good wind that will take us north.

As for the boat. She and Casey the auto pilot are doing great. We certainly got rid of a number of annoying gremlins during our test cruise and subsequent repair time. We'd like more wind for the wind generator and really miss having solar panels right now, but other than that things are fine. I slept most of my 6 hours off watch, so feel rested. Last night I made quiche a la Mandy from Secret Smile. It was delicious, but makes a lot. EW will have quiche for lunch for a few days.

We have fresh pineapple and bananas on board and lots of cheese from St. Martin. (That's the French side.) Life is good at sea. Our position is 19 30.9 North and 063 40.7 West.

Oh! And the title today is courtesy of EW, who said, as I went on watch to at 1800 last evening, "This looks familiar. I think we've been here before."



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