Settling in to Life Truly at Sea
Hi-Ho! Hi-Ho! Back to Sint Marten We Go!

Settling in to Life Truly at Sea

As EW pointed out a bit ago, we have been at sea for just over 48 hours. Already we have settled in to the routine.
Things have broken and been repaired. I have cooked. We have both had one solid night's sleep. We just shared popcorn on deck for an afternoon snack. EW has played guitar and I've done some writing. (Have to pay for that new Rockna Anchor.)

Our watch system seems to work well for us, though it's still early days for a full appraisal. Previously, we stood watches like this for only 5 days in a row. Heck, previously, I've only ever been at sea for five or six days and most of that was lessthan 100 miles from shore. I took photos of the views from the deck this morning: water and sky with clouds. I've seen few planes, no other boats or ships, and expect to see no land until we reach the Azores. (Any land before that will NOT be a good thing.)

For new readers, two years ago we tried a new watch system and have found that we get much more sleep in good weather. We have two 6-hour watches at night, from 6:00 PM to Midnight (or 1800-2400) and from Midnight to 6:00 AM (2400 to 0600). That way, if there is no weather and if there are no boat issues, we each get nearly 6 hours off at night. During the day the watches are 6 - 10, 10 -2, and 2-6 (or 0600-1000, 1000-1400, and 1400-1800). Each of us gets one extra off watch every other day, time to work on the boat, clean, cook, write, play guitar, send and receive bits and bites via Sailmail, and enjoy a bowl of popcorn together.

Of course there is no sleeping together on this trip (get your mind out of the gutter, people), but we do have quiet time together most afternoons. Right now, with light winds and Casey the Auto-pilot standing watch isn't too laborious.

I had worried that I hadn't downloaded the Grib weather files properly -- but I did. When I get on Sailmail to post this today I hope to find new Grib files for us. If I did it right. In the meantime, the wind has diminished some and is once again turning us a bit more East than we would have liked, but for the past 24 hours we had been moving at over 6 knots and aiming for the mark. Cool.

As I write this, at 1:50 PM on May 28 (1350) EW is reading on deck, I'm still technically on watch, but down in the salon. Our location is North 22.49.697 and 063.02.732 West. We have some clouds, and progressively lighter winds. Others who are ahead of us have been motoring for days. We hope that having left nearly a week later we will endure only a little bit of these light winds.

Ooh! I can report a favorable wind shift. We were steering 350 -- that's Northwest people, now making 035 -- Northeast with more east. This is a small squall, so it may not last, but we'll take what we can get.

Subsequent posts will have more newsy news and fun stuff. I promise. Photos are being taken and will be posted in a few weeks. When I am at a marina. And have had a haircut. And a shower on land. And perhaps dinner out.

In the meantime, enjoying the moment at sea.

Hey there! Would someone who has our Sailmail address please send a short note letting me know this is being posted? I'm working blind here. Thank you!


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