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The Ebb and Flow of Cruising Life


Cheery work of art on S/V Ainulindalë

Every cruising boat has it’s own rhythm; each captain and crew have their favorite ports and harbors; and each cruiser has his or her own bucket list of passages, islands, and countries. When many boats are cruising one area, such as here in  the Eastern Caribbean, the ebb and flow of boats brings us together for food, fun, stories, music, and adventure – and pulls us apart as each boat sails to new or favorite anchorages.

Last year, when we thought we were heading across the Atlantic I wrote an article for All at Sea called “A Life of Howdies and Goodbyes”. When I wrote it, we were planning on crossing the Atlantic in 2013 and three couples we enjoyed were all going west, so I was particularly melancholy about this aspect of our cruising life. I changed the article to reflect our intention to stay in St. Thomas until 2014, but there was no room in the magazine for a few months and editor Gary Brown wisely decided to hold it until that time of the year arrived again.

Two boats of dear friends have already left for the Bahamas and the states, our neighbors on S/V Kookaburra will leave in May to head to the Western Caribbean, many dear friends will sail back to Grenada, and we will absolutely head across the Atlantic in May. Once again, we face the “Goodbyes” of our sailing life.

I find myself thinking of friends and family back home and of all the wonderful cruising friends-for-life we’ve made here in the Caribbean. I know we’ll meet new friends in the Azores, Portugal, Canaries, and Cape Verdes, and it’s likely that we’ll buddy-boat with some of them, sharing recipes, stories, music, and adventure.

And I know that we’ll say “Good-bye” to most or all of them before we head to Brazil in December. That’s our life, and I love it.

I will cry a bit though.

Every time.



Crews of S/V Two Much Fun and S/V La Luna aboard S/V Ainulindalë.  (Yes, I have to go on-line to Google Ainulindalë every time I need it. I’m said I won’t have the need as often as they’re on the way back to the Chesapeake and hope to sail the Maine coast this summer.)




Keith and Jaime from S/V Kookaburra enjoying a party on shore hosted by the crew from our neighbors on S/V Eagle. Both boats leave the EC this year.



Kevin from S/V Ruth Avery sails back to Maine every spring.


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