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LeeAnn ROCKS! Or Yet Another Reason We Don’t Charter

Power to La Luna!





La Luna on Wednesday afternoon


As I write this, the boat is pretty much a mess, with only two seats available in the main salon. There’s a vacuum cleaner on the galley counter; tools on the port settee, the bed, that same galley counter, and on the sole of every room; the non-working fridge/storage unit and the old inverter are in the cockpit, as are two large duffels of clean clothes; and one whole set of drawers are spread out in the forward cabin. In short, the only unaffected space on the boat is the forward head. 

EW is finishing the Inverter/Charger Project and it’s a project of some size. P2152590

(We pause in this report while I assist EW – again. Over an hour ago, he said, “I’m going into the engine compartment and will have to call on you when I need help with something.”  So far, I’ve delivered a screwdriver, the vacuum cleaner, and some weird corrugated tubing that wraps around lots of wires.)

P2082529Herman, a highly recommended marine electrician visited our boat a couple of months ago and convinced us that we needed a new inverter/charger. We ordered one, and asked my nephew, Brian, to pick it up in Fort Lauderdale and mail it to us. (Thank you, Brian and Colleen.) EW’s cousin Jeff received said package, and EW retrieved it and successfully delivered it – all 40 pounds of it – back here via dollar bus and hoof.

The old inverter. Worked for 28 years inside the engine compartment.

P2082533EW hates working with electricity. Still, he gamely plotted his attack on the system and installation. Herman had suggested that we install the new inverter/charger in a new location, rather than in the often hot engine compartment. EW and he found a space, where our old, unused Lectra-San had been installed, under one of my set of drawers in the master stateroom. That’s why all drawers drawers are in the forward cabin.

P2122559Yeah, it’s been fun.

(Now I had to find four pan had screws, one roll of the perfect electrical tape, and add gas to the Honda generator.)


 Above: The drawer space, with and without the new inverter. On Sunday EW installed a fan to cool the unit.

 EW had to take an extra day off this week in order to install the inverter. Thankfully, Peter from S/V Two Much Fun gave up his Wednesday  to help. Peter likes wiring and working with electricity. When I arrived home on Wednesday, EW picked me up at Crown Bay Marina, triumphant in their success, bloody but unbowed, and cheerfully let me know that, “The inverter is in, but the boat is a mess.”

Since we both worked through Friday, the boat remained a mess, and got messier today. I vacated the premises using the time to tote water, gas, and propane, and to do three loads of laundry. The laundry is still in the cockpit and the only section of the boat to which I’ve had access is my safe seating area at the table. So I work on-line and write and help EW.

(Had to set the clock on the inverter because he had to turn off the main switch. This involved starting the Honda generator twice.”

Once EW clears the master stateroom and galley, I’ll start on tonight’s home-made pizza. No one deserves that treat more than EW.

I love him – and our new Magnum MS 2012.

Boating is fun.

ASIDE:  There’s a very old wedding shower game during which one of the bridesmaids writes down everything the bride-to-be says about each present she opens. Afterward, she then announces what the bride is likely to utter on her wedding night. Yes, we used to think this was funny.

I thought of that when EW was ensconced in the engine compartment. A lot of interesting grunts and sentences emanated from the opening left by the displaced fridge/storage compartment.  I admit I chuckled, but am glad EW couldn’t hear me. I don’t think he’d have found anything funny at that point.

Time to make the pizza!



At left, EW’s expression when working and making strange noises. At right EW when he knows I’m taking photos. Both are the real EW – but I don’t see the one at the right often during projects like this.

Maybe I need to take more photos.


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Diana  Ross

Gotta love a huge boat project! So nice that you are newly powered up. One more thing off the list! :-)

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