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Maine is a small state. Years ago, EW and I were visiting Ottawa and met a couple from NYC at one of the tourist stops. Their knowledge of the other states was limited and I can remember her abject horror that Maine only had just over a million residents. “Do you know that there’s more people in Manhattan, alone?” she exclaimed. I refrained from saying they couldn’t be alone much, packed onto that island.

I’ve often said that being from Maine means that if you ask the right questions, you can find a link to any other Mainah in only three steps. Try it.

This week a whole lot of folks from the Northeast gleefully escaped the cold and visited St. Thomas on cruise ships. I saw a  plethora of Red Sox hats and shirts, quite a few Patriot hats, and two Buffalo Bills hats – offering all of them “free rum”. That’s my job.

One gentleman mentioned that he had vacationed in Maine since before he was born. His family had a place on Mt. Desert Island. It turned out that he knew good friends of ours – I found the link on my second try – and we gleefully discussed our mutual friends and the connection.  Then, with a crowd at the booth, he claimed to be a “Mainah” because, “I was conceived in Maine.”

I couldn’t resist, but immediately brought my Maine accent to the fore and said, “You know what we say about that, de-ah?” I paused and poured a tot of rum. “Just ‘cause a cat has kittens in the oven, don’t make ‘em biscuits.”

I got a good laugh and a few tips.

On Friday, there was only one ship in town and that makes for a slow day. Mine started out great, though. As I waited for oblivious tourists to move out of my path so I could push the heavy cart into place, I heard, “Barb, is that you?” I looked to see a pretty, petite woman behind big sun glasses. She removed them and I squealed, “Candace!”

Candace was part of the staff of the Cabot Celebrity Cruise, when Cabot Cheese hosts one giving, community-minded person from each state for a much deserved vacation. Candace and I hugged, chatted, and hugged some more. I met her sister, Roberta, and a few of her fellow co-workers, such as Carolyn Kingston, who grew up in Maine. Carolyn took this photo of Candace and me, and she gave me presents – one she made which I cherish, and a bunch of Cabot bling. I made pizza that night night wearing my new Cabot Cheese apron.

I would love to have met Holly Mead, from Dear Isle – Maine’s well-deserved winner. Bet we have some friends in common. Maine is like that.

Thank you, Candace, for reminding me of Tweet-ups, social media seminars, the Beach to Beacon, your sunrise tweets, and many of our friends in common. You brought a bit of Maine warmth to me in St. Thomas – and there’s no warmth like the kind you find with friends from Maine.

For those of you who know both Candace and me, you know that I tower over her. I sat in a stool for the photo. I could just hear Lynnelle saying something about it – so I had to mention it. Cheers all!


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Sarah MacColl

Barb and Candace,

I have often wondered if people from other states delight in finding fellow Pennsylvanians or fellow Kansasians. (Seems unlikely, given the struggle to even say those state-ians.) I was born hea, too, (Rockland) but am still from away because my parents only started coming here for the summer in 1950 and moved here for good in 1954. We moved to MDI in 1960 when I was four. Now I live a mile down the road from Candace, Barb, but I am still "from the island". What a sense of place we have!

Sarah MacColl

OK, I'm not done. Barb, I find myself visualizing your St. Thomas home boat, imagining myself back at Maho Bay Camps, my home away from home. As you may know, those of us who have been to Maho many many times were crushed that it was sold last year. So this year, we have opted to go to Honduras for our winter break, but almost everyday I think of Big Maho, Francis Bay, Lameshur, and Mary's Point and of the hundreds of miles I've swum and snorkeled on St. John. I am so jealous that you are down there. I think I may have to get back next year.


So true! Years ago Jeff and I went to a WNBA game in Charlotte, NC, to watch Cindy Blodgett, standout basketball player for Lawrence High School (our alma mater) and the University of Maine at Orono. At a restaurant before the game, we ran into the lady who sang at our wedding. At the game, we ran into another Mainer. Perhaps the most famous Mainer of all: Stephen King. He and his wife were big Cindy Blodgett fans.

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