Christmas 2013 in St. Thomas
A Ship's Horn to Beat All Ship's Horns

Christmas Away Across the Sea


EW Aboard “Rudolf” on Christmas Morning.

Both EW and I had to work on Christmas, but we weren’t alone. With six cruise ships in town for the day, nearly everyone in the tourist industry worked. Christmas dinner at the Hart Abode was prepared by Master Chef Jeff, with excellent contributions from some of the others who had the day off.

EW and I got ready for work early, and while I read, EW decided to sing a song he’d been practicing … one of our favorite songs of the season: “How’d You Like to Spend Christmas on Christmas Island?”

Here’s a version I was able to record that morning. 

 EW Singing on Christmas Morning

Here are photos of the decorations aboard La Luna, to go with the video.


Stockings hug in the Main Salon – not on a coconut tree.










Photos of our “Mast Tree”, the decorations, and our angel.  She’s a tree-top angel sitting on a conch shell.

How appropriate.










As I took EW to work, I began to sing, “I saw three ships come sailing in on Christmas day in the morning.”


These three were joined by another at noon, and two more tied off at Crown Bay. The one on the right is anchored out; they use the life rafts as launches.


Here I am on the rum cart on Christmas.




This bit of Christmas whimsy is brought to you by our very talented cousin, Barb.


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