Hurricane Thanksgiving
The Amazing, Wonderful Way My Day Started–Twice in a Week!

Weath-ah, De-ah?


US Weather November 26


Some of the news reports about the storms in the US have been a bit over the top, but there’s no denying I’ve been worrying about friends and family who will be traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Frankly, I’ve also been gloating about the lack of snow in St. Thomas, as I’ve always hated white Thanksgivings.

In fact, this will be our first winter without shoveling snow; we do not miss that. EW and I have become the Mainiacs of whom we used to speak derisively.

The weather gods slapped me for that. This morning was warm and sunny, with a good breeze and I admit that I bragged about Caribbean weather on both Twitter and Facebook.

Here is the forecast for Augusta, Maine this week: 

Augusta November 26

Here’s the one for St. Thomas:

November 26

Scattered clouds, sunny skies, and just a 20% chance of precipitation certainly indicates we’ll have a lovely day, but in the Caribbean, that 20% can get you.

And it did:


November 26 2013

Here’s how it looked on radar.






 I’m supposed to be in town right now, doing some grocery shopping for the holiday. I think I’ll wait a bit. There’s always tomorrow.


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