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EW had a rare Sunday off.

Sunday is football day but he proved his love to me by agreeing to spend the afternoon on Honeymoon Beach.  We packed towels, books, sunscreen, and some money for the bar and lunch.

For those who don’t know, Water Island is one of the two islands in the Charlotte Amalie harbor area. A number of people live there, taking dinghies or the ferry to the main island for school and work. We are moored off Water Island, and spent last winter anchored off Honeymoon Beach. Honeymoon is the gathering spot for Water Island, with two beach bars, two pavilions for events, Monday movie night, a roped off swimming area, and plenty of room for dinghies to tie up on shore or anchor out.

We who cruise love Water Island, and so do the local folks. Face it, EW and I aren’t currently cruisers. We are live-aboards who are moored in St. Thomas. There were no cruisers on Honeymoon on Sunday. Most of the people there live on Water Island or took a private boat out from St. Thomas. Some others came in off boats, as we did – but most of them haven’t cruised for years. It was a different crowd with a lot more dogs than a cruiser’s only group ---- and a big screen TV with the NFL on-line plan.

Neither EW nor I knew about the TV when he volunteered to spend Sunday as I wanted. First we went for a swim. After our dip, we played one of the beach games available, one of those bean bag toss things. EW beat me. Then we wandered to the bar and food shacks. Over the summer Lisa and Giorgio, the new owners of what used to be Joe’s Beach Bar, had installed a new food trailer, additional seating, and a hammock or two. They now have a menu with appetizers, salads, sandwiches, and the required fried beach food.

After we ordered, I looked toward the paved seating area and saw that large screen TV and the Packers game. EW glanced that way, then whipped his head back towards me, just like someone trying to avoid ordering a hot fudge sundae by looking at the view instead of the ice cream shop.

“You know.” I said, “I really don’t care where we sit. Want me to move our stuff to be near the game?”

He looked hopeful and guilty at the same time. “Really, I don’t mind. You can watch football, I’ll mingle and watch with you, and you will at least know how the Bills are doing with this third quarterback.” He dropped the feigned indecision, and I moved our stuff.

sWhen I mentioned how delighted EW was to be able to join me on the beach and still watch football, Scott deadpanned, “And is better.”

Since we are no longer cruisers and have high speed Internet to watch various TV shows, we got the reference to the latest Ford commercials. Sweet and Sour is better than just Sour. Bed and Breakfast is better than just Breakfast. We offer Ford a new one:  Beach and Football as being better than just Beach.

Best of all, Scott, the Packers fan with the NFL plan, kindly bounced over to the Bills game every so often, and  then changed the channel altogether when the Packers game was over.

photo (12)Alas, the Bills lost. EW didn’t expect them to win; "It’s a building year”, he says.

In the meantime, I “dog sat”, bought the drinks, went for another swim and visited with some of the crew on one of the day-sailing boats. Since I hadn’t taken my camera, I can’t show you a photo of Shorty, the black lab/short dog mix that one guy calls “Big Head", riding on a paddle board for the first time with one of his lady friends.

Or the photo of that same woman learning to fly an aquaboard – and then using a hula hoop while hovering 30 feet above the water.

Giorgio and Scott did kindly take a few photos with their iPhones so I’d have something for this post.

photo (10)By the way, Giorgio and Lisa call their new bar “Dinghy’s”. They have the old bar trailer and a new kitchen trailer, and all that seating mentioned. A tiki roof for the paved seating area is somewhere in a container making its way to St. Thomas. So all you who actually cruise – let’s meet some Sunday at Dinghy’s – when EW and I have the day off.

That’s Lisa at left. My thanks to Scott and Giorgio.


NOTE: In addition to all the high quality fur-fixes, one of my favorite parts of the day was a brief chat with Giorgio, who is from Buenos Aries, Argentina. We had a brief chat about our next adventure, Tango dancing, waterfalls, bus rides and food. Lisa and Maggie fed our bodies and Girogio fed our dreams.


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Favorite post so far. We miss Honeymoon and look forward to our return sometime in December.
Glad to see the "new blood" at Joe's/Dinghy's.
Tell Stew that I think I finally have Whiskey Before Breakfast down and look forward to playing it with him and Peter.

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