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Playing Indulgent Tourist with Lynnelle and Kurt


OMG! Being a tourist is exhausting!

Fun, though.

Our dear friend Lynnelle and her boyfriend, Kurt arrived in St. Thomas on Wednesday evening. After a flurry of text messages about the cost of two people with two enormous suitcases taking a taxi from the Airport to the Marriott, EW and I went to bed aboard La Luna while Lynnelle and Kurt evidently closed the pool bar.

I’m sure it was only jet lag that caused them to be a bit slow to get going the next day. Lynnelle and I texted, talked, and Facebooked, making plans for drinks and dinner once EW’s work day ended. These real tourists took EW’s ferry ride to town where EW and I joined them at 6:00.

Since Lynnelle moved to Dallas and went back to her banking career, she has not be as active in social media as she was in Maine. Case in point: she came to St. Thomas with only an iPhone, no iPad or laptop, I was stunned. Therefore, unlike EW, Kurt is not used to being a social media topic. But, like EW, he’s a good sport and is adapting nicely.

We spent the evening talking, laughing, drinking various rum concoctions, and getting to know Kurt, whose an Italian retired Dallas Cop, with one of those Scandinavian last names that has a “j” in the middle. I’m sure there’s a punch line somewhere.

A few days before they had arrived, EW had come home from work and announced, “I have a present for you!” He was incredibly excited and couldn’t wait for me to open a $150.00 gift certificate to the Lazule Spa at the Marriott. “I thought you and Lynnelle could use a little Splurge Time together.”

How sweet is that? EW is generous and thoughtful – but not usually in quite this way. It was the perfect gift. Once he heard about it, Kurt also chipped in a gift at the spa and Lynnelle and I began to read the menu and choose our spa moment. We elected to have our day on Friday, while EW was working. Kurt assured us he’d be fine without us to entertain him for a few hours/most of the day.

Lynnelle chose a massage and loved it. Above, she is modeling their one-size-fits-all robes. Ordinarily, a massage would have been my default, but I decided my hands and feet deserved to be pampered. As a cruiser, “well-groomed” tends to mean (mostly) clean nails and occasional moisturizing; and “living the cruising life” tends to mean cleaning inside and outside of boat without gloves and walking everywhere in sports sandals. I chose to try the Island Guava Spa Manicure and Pedicure.

Our Island guava manicure and pedicure is a dreamy escape from familiar entanglements to a divine self indulging island of utter perfection. Escape with a relaxing soak in aromatic guava, skin softening coconut oil scrub, and a relaxing warm stone massage. your nails are then groomed, shaped, and perfectly polished.

This is insanely expensive and not something I would ever do without a gift certificate and the directive to indulge myself.

It was … wonderful. And the best part? Kelly, the lady who provided all of this self indulgence, listened to my description of our lifestyle and told me how I could duplicate much of this indulgence on the boat – for pennies. I will soon offer EW a sugar/coconut oil scrub massage on hands and feet, and will give my overworked and boat-abused appendages the same treatment every month or so.

We both deserve it.

After our respective spa moments, Lynnelle and I met at the spa’s pool where we enjoyed lunch and girl talk. She texted Kurt that we’d join him in the commoners’ pool at two. At two, he texted her to “look up”, as he was on their balcony, checking out the two babes at the spa.

The rest of the day involved infinity pools, rum drinks, tapas with EW, and a night time kayak adventure, followed by dark chocolate peanut M&M’s.


  1. Being an occasional tourist rocks!
  2. EW is the best husband in the whole wide world.




Cruiser’s ubiquitous back-pack in posh salon.











Post, sugar/oil scrub/massage my left arm and hand get the warm rocks treatment. Words cannot describe this.







P8301038Left leg gets the rocks treatment. Note the scratches on my leg. Cruiser. Not tourist.

Toes done.



















View from the spa pool.

SPECIAL NOTE TO CRUISERS: There are a few spa treatments that would fit most cruisers’ budgets for a mini-splurge. And here’s the best part for cruisers: Once you have had your treatment, you are allowed to use the spa facility – pool, steam room, and shower – for the rest of the day at no charge.








My right toes do a better yoga spread than than do the toes of my left foot.




Must be 2:00. Time for the commoners’ pool.

The commoners’ pool is not hard to take.



The exact moment when Kurt understood what it means to be a “topic”. EW can empathize.


Is that his “cop face”? I think he’s smiling.

Kind of.








At the Pool Bar – as opposed to the Swim-up-pool-bar, we get real glasses and opted for special drinks. Lynnelle and I both immediately wanted to photograph this lovely display.



Here’s a shot of Lynnelle taking a photo of the drinks from a different angle.


At this point, Kurt says, “I don’t know if I’m getting in the way of your photo, but I do know that you are getting in the way of my drinking.”

EW can really, really empathize.





Once EW got off work, he joined us and led us to the Sand Bar at Morning Star. We will definitely go back there. Had more excellent drinks and three incredible tapas. On the beach.

Oh yeah. What’s not to like?


Being a tourist is fun.


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Diana  Ross

What a wonderful day! Now you need to share the DIY info so we cruisers can indulge a little 'at home'! Glad you're enjoying your friend-visit!

Kathy Malon

I'm so jealous!! Glad you are having a great time with Lynnelle--everyone needs a spa day every now and then and EW is a sweetie to help make that happen!!

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