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A Day Off

Focus! Focus on the Dream; Focus on the Means

Atlantic EightWhile we’re once again working stiffs it’s easy to get caught up in the here and now instead of focusing on the why and how. Staying here in St. Thomas to work gives us a chance to get a bit ahead, do some boat projects, and prepare for our Atlantic Circle Figure Eight. (Full disclosure: EW is thinking circle – though it’s a lumpy one. I’m thinking figure 8, with a side trek to St. Helena after Argentina. What’s 1500 miles among lovers?)

P7200537The problem is, we get caught up in the day to day: arising at 6 AM, showering every morning, looking good in clean clothes that aren’t t-shirts or swimsuits, wearing make-up for god’s sake. (That last one is for me, not EW.) It can be easy to forget why we’re here and that we have some pretty fabulous plans for 2014-2015. We’re going to sail across the Atlantic to the Azores, visit Portugal, Spain, the Atlantic Islands, and then cross back to Brazil, sailing South to Argentina. In addition to making money now, we both have a list of must-do boat projects, and I have to develop more as a writer, submit more articles to more publications, and make the contacts that will allow me to add to the cruising kitty while we are underway. All that and work, too.

This is doable, but we have to focus. This morning, as I was cutting up fruit for our breakfast, I asked “Here’s a question: Where will we be on August 5th 2014?” EW was quick with his answer as his brown eyes sparkled, “Lisbon.”

Oh yeah.

This driving a ferry and pouring rum are all part of the adventure, P7310589but they are not where we want to be one or two years from now. We’ll be cruising in a boat that has a new bilge pump, sun awning/rain catcher, and a working Lo-po light. I will write about our adventures for this blog, and will be paid to provide other stories about our trip for a number of different magazines and blogs. We have a plan.

It’s a plan that will work if we stay focused.

Today, EW called to tell me that All at Sea had published an article I had sent in a couple of months ago. “And it gets better!” he gushed. “You’re a subject in Gary’s editorial – and your article is mentioned on the cover!” Wow. After work I sat down to look at one of the three copies EW had picked up, and was a bit P8050626disappointed not to find my article in the Table of Contents. “Look again,” said EW, my reading scout and best cheerleader.


Boats in Paradise was the feature article and was the first one in the Table of Contents.

Actually it’s a short story and I almost hadn’t submitted it to Gary, because All at Sea has never printed fiction. He immediately accepted it, but said he couldn’t run it for a few months until he had room. I was OK with that.

You can pick up copies of All at Sea at many locations in the Caribbean. If you aren’t here right now, you can download the entire magazine on-line. In a day or so you may be able to pull up this article individually. A of boat names were mentioned in the piece, so If your boat was in the Bahamas or Caribbean in 2011-2013, you may find it.

Now, I recognize that this entire post is self-congratulatory and narcissistic. My mom would have been thrilled for me but would also have asked whether I’d broken my arm patting myself on the back. My apologies. But this has been a tremendous boost to my ego, and it has helped me to focus once again on what’s important:  writing and submitting more articles to All at Sea and other magazines. After all, we have another dream to fulfill.

Ready. Set. Write!

Ready. Set. Sail!


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