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This New Lifestyle with Wake-up Alarms ...

… and make-up (for me, not EW) …P7170478

… and packing lunches. (At left, Lock ‘n Locks ready for the day.)

We used the wake-up alarm in Grenada whenever we planned a long hike, and we packed lunches then, too. But the make-up and daily routines for two working people are totally new and take some getting used to.

On days when EW works, he sets the alarm for 6:00 AM.

Somehow, an alarm every morning at six so EW can get to work doesn’t have the same panache as a when EW wakes me at six so I can take the next watch. How did this happen?

Deep breath.

Now that we both are working (I promise posts and photos about each job) I have to plan shopping, laundry, cleaning, and boat projects on my days off, taking EW to work so I can have the dinghy.

If I’m able to keep this job over the winter season, I’ll have to get used to working 4 or 5 days a week – and still complete all normal chores, write, and do boat projects to prepare for the trip.  I’m practicing a new routine this week in which I do one of five weekly normal cleaning tasks each morning. That way I won’t have to take two or more hours out of my “week-ends” to clean. So far, so good.

I also need to plan nutritious meals that can be prepared in half an hour. The reality is that  cleaning this way and being more conscious of menus and meal planning are all habits I should have developed when we left Maine. They are certainly habits I can continue when we become real cruisers again. So meal planning is good --- but the week-day cruiser cocktail parties are a distant memory. 

Darn it!

IMG00014As Lynnelle pointed out, we can do anything for 10 months. Heck we lived aboard year-round in Maine for eight years and both worked 50-60 hours a week. Going uphill both ways in winter to get on and off the docks. In snow and ice. We had to wear cleats on our boots to stay safe.

Compared to that, this working in the tropics is nothing.

But we still have to get up at six. Sometimes six days a week.

And our schedules don’t mesh.

I work whenever there is a cruise ship at the WICO port. During this season, generally Monday – Wednesday, but this week I work Sunday – Thursday. That’s cool. I like what I do. But EW has Monday and Tuesday’s  or Sunday’s and Monday’s off, so we haven’t had a day off together – except for the non-hurricane day in weeks.

I’ve grown accustom to playing and working with EW.

But we can handle anything for 10 months.

And  we'll be stronger because of it.


And more appreciative of our real cruising life – when we have time for things like this:


Whisper Cove Hike in Grenada

1-P81521061-P81521118.15 Whisper Cove Hike

A lovely morning hike organized by Lynn Kaak










1-EW and Me Liking it 6-25-2012 12-22-59 PM

Death March II with the Kleins.  Also in Grenada

















Cocktail hour on La Creole


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I feel your pain ... keep the faith. LOL

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