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Meeting new people and making new friends is one of the best things about this cruising life. Frequently, they are folks whose interests outside of boating would mean that we may not have met when living on shore life. We learn from these new friends: how to play dominoes, how to protect our boat, how to fix the SSB, how to catch fish. We've met smart people out here.

Jaime and Keith on s/v Kookaburra are a case in point. Jaime is a certified refrigeration specialist working full time here in St. Thomas. Keith used to have EW’s job, but left it to work in his field of civil engineering. B.C. (Before Cruising), they both were avid skiers and worked in the ski patrol, living for a number of years in Colorado. In addition to all that, Jaime is a master gardener, worked at a number of plant nurseries, and owned her own nursery before they went sailing.

When we met in Grenada two years ago, Jaime told me that whenever she walked or toured the island she felt like a kid in a candy store, and marveling at myriad of blossoms in every yard. Here in St. Thomas, Jaime and I are walking for exercise a number of mornings a week, when I’ve been known to ask her about particular plants along the way.

It was a lovely morning on July 17 when we both noted a ginormous yellow and white blossom on a roadside cactus. Jaime immediately imparted that, “We aren’t going to have rain for a while.” “Really?” “Yep. Those guys bloom when they know it’s not going to rain so that the species doesn’t die off.” I was impressed with her knowledge – for about four hours. I told EW of Jaime's weather prediciton, but we still closed the hatches when we left for work.

While I was tending the rum cart, it rained. I texted Jaime: P5260095-001

If Water Island had the same rain I just experienced, your cactus lied.

No response, but more rain.


She never did respond to those texts.

When EW got home from the ferry, he made a comment about our neighbor, "Cactus Blossom" and took to calling her that at our next pizza gathering. Don't mess with EW about weather.

And we continued to have rain every few days.

It poured on July 22 – while I was once again on the rum cart -- and I got this message from Jaime:

Stupid cactus. What do they know?

I replied

They are dead to me.

She clarified.

They really are stupid cactus because we know that I could not possibly be mistaken….

I replied.

Then that’s our story. But be prepared for a blog on Cactus Blossom.

On Sunday the 27th we had 2.18 inches of rain, according to the National Weather Service. That’s a lot of rain. The previous record for that day is .49 inches.

We love Cactus Blossom and will continue to consider her the oracle of refrigeration systems, and flower names. Weather prediction? Not so much.

Rain showers are predicted through Thursday.

Stupid Cactus.


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