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Shopping is Easy. Getting Stuff to the Boat, Not so Much

Paper Covers Rock, Rock Dulls Scissors, and Sense of Humor Tops All


This living on a mooring <gasp!> in St. Thomas for a year <gasp!> can be a downer.

Facebook is helping me keep in touch with cruising friends who are in Grenada, Carriacou (which is an island in Grenada), the Las Perlas Archipelago in Panama, Massachusetts, Florida, Trinidad, and points in between. All of those friends left St. Thomas weeks ago while we stayed put.

Thankfully, we have our cousins who  live here, and some other cruising friends who are also staying here and working – and you know us – we're making new friends as we find them.

But I’ve still been bummed.






It hasn’t helped that I haven’t found a job yet. This week EW took the dinghy to work Tuesday  - Thursday and I stayed on the boat. Searching for positions, writing (a bit), doing house work – oh joy – and eating too much. Oh, and I lost my phone on Monday and haven’t replaced yet, so no fun conversations this week, either.

We all have down hours/days/a week-or-two.

I’m over it.

  • I’m living on a boat in the Caribbean.
  • I’m married to EW, the love of my life.
  • I found my sense of humor again.

In the meantime, one of our friends back home has popped up on Facebook lately. Seems he busted his ankle, and is working from home where Facebook isn’t blocked, so he’s been catching up on our adventures.

So, Steve messages me with the question:

I NEED to know - How did Stew morph into EW?
Is it that he really is a Saint and you just dropped the "St"?

I assured Steve that EW’s saintliness had nothing to do with it and referred him to the FAQ page on this blog.

Steve and my niece Dawn both liked the St. EW thing. Then, EW’s brother Howie got involved with this link to a town in Cornwall called St. Ewe.  That’s the Hart’s scary sense of humor working overtime.

To all who suggested that we call him St. EW, I said:

Do NOT tell EW (about this). I'll never live it down. Plus, I'm a Methodist. I don't do saints.

Steve replied:

Aw, c'mon. Even the Grateful Dead did saints - Saint Stephen, in fact!

Of course, as soon as EW arrived home, I told him about St. EW and he laughed.

This morning, I had the final word on the subject on Facebook:

So, Dawn, Howie, and Steve -- I told Stew about our conversation re: St. EW. Now I have to kiss his ring. From saint to pope in 12 hours.

Wherever you are, on land or sea – I hope you have a beautiful day and a few good laughs and at least a couple of hugs. Everything else will work itself out.


Bonus: Here’s my Facebook Rant of the week:

Can we all agree to stop misusing "I" and "me".
EW and I are going to the store.
Our neighbor brought bread to EW and me.
Saying "Our neighbor brought bread to EW and I" is just silly.
Our neighbor didn't bring I bread. Our neighbor didn't bring EW and me any bread either.

Now I want bread. This rant is brought to you by carbohydrates.

This generated a lot of comments, and all of them brought a smile to my face. Thank you, my friends.


And these flowers? All of them are just outside the door to the coin laundry at Crown Bay. How can one be bummed when surrounded by these beautiful flowers and very large, fast, camera phobic hummingbirds?


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Melissa White

If people stop misusing I and me, then they will have to regroup about the use of then and than, and also birth and berth. I mean, how many births can there possibly be in the forward part of any boat in this day and age?
At least your long days of unemployment are filled with beauty!

Barb Hart

Now you've done it, Melissa. I haven't noticed the birth/berth issue, but you can be sure it will drive me crazy in the future. I have to work and proof for then/than and reading it out loud helps a lot. Just almost published an illegal ' for its. Fixed it! Whew! Hope you get a wonderful vacation and enjoy the new auto pilot.

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