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While I consider myself a serious blogger – whatever that is – I haven’t seriously worked on the actual blog in some time. During my trip back to Maine, I had the great good fortune to enjoy a meeting of the Surge Sisters. Lynnelle, Rhoda, and I used to meet every other week back in Maine, go over our respective businesses and lives, ask for and receive advice, and report back to each other on progress or problems.

P5110593In Maine, we stopped by Hannaford to buy food and drink for our approved Surge Sisters menu: chocolate, red wine, black olives, humus, brie, and assorted veggies and things crunchy. We creatively used the coffee service tray and basket provided in our room at the Hampton Inn to display our repast, and then we settled back and got to it. It is not for me to reveal all of our chosen topics for discussion. I will say that during a discussion about the opposite sex, I settled matters by calling EW and asking a question that for him came out of left field. He responded just as I expected, proving my point. Afterward, he asked exactly why I had called. “To get your perspective. You’re our token guy.”  Poor EW.

As a result of our Surge Sisters meeting, I have four tasks during our year on the hook in St. Thomas:

  1. Write for at least 20 hours every week
  2. Submit articles and queries weekly
  3. Update this blog three times a week
  4. Get a real job

I’ve given myself a grace period of a couple of weeks while I seek a real job, and while we get settled into our new routine and get the new batteries installed. Still, I’ve been working on a few writing projects, writing lists, and taking stock.

This blog needs work. As I accrue a little extra cash through writing, I’m going to spend some of it getting help from a professional. I am so not a graphic artist. Visually, I know what I like, but have no idea how to achieve it, and I know that a lot of other sailing blogs look much better than mine does.

There are some things I can do myself, and I’ll get right on that. One of my challenges as a blogger and professional writer is that I cannot submit an article that had previous life as a blog. Consequently, there are good stories that won’t show up here as posts. I’m going to make sure that the blog has links to each and every one of them, especially two that will be published over the next couple of months in All at Sea. I’m proud of the articles that have been published in magazines, and hope you’ll take the time to click over and read them.

This blog needs work and this blog also needs regular posts – ones that are on-topic about our cruising life. Lynnelle and Rhoda pushed and poked along that subject, and had an excellent idea – one that will also provide you with more time to click over to my articles. I’m wordy. I’m sure that comes as a surprise to no-one. I do like to talk, I love to communicate, and I love to share. Some of my blog posts have been rather lengthy. Some of those I just needed to edit, slash, and burn; other posts should have been broken down into two or even three different posts. My ultimate goal would be to post more often with shorter, hopefully humorous and helpful messages, with photos.

I can do that. I can do almost anything with chocolate and red wine and help from my Surge Sisters.



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