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We cruisers know that all of you imagine us lolling about on the beaches of the Caribbean, sipping rum drinks, and listening to steel pan bands. I’m not saying that doesn’t happen, but EW and I aren’t really “beach people”. We don’t have chaise lounges and I can’t remember when we last (ever?) took towels ashore for a day on the beach. We walk along beaches, we go to the movie on the beach at Water Island, and we have been known to frequent a few beach bars. (Ahem.) When we swim, we usually jump off the boat, or take the dingy to a favorite snorkeling spot.

P5200011On Monday, EW took me to a lovely pebble beach on Hassel Island. Unfortunately, instead of packing beach chairs or a cooler, he loaded Lunah Landah with scrapers, brushes, and cleaning supplies, and we headed ashore to clean her bottom. Since we’d purchased this hard-bottomed dinghy at West Marine in December of 2011, we had been raising her up at night, thereby protecting her from theft and marine growth. But when I started working for Fun Water Tours this winter and had to leave the boat at 7, EW made the decision to leave the dinghy down to make it easier for me on work days. Unfortunately, that led to lazy habits and we stopped raising the dinghy altogether.

Growth happened. P5200005

So, we took her ashore and scraped, brushed, and scrubbed with sand. The bottom and transom aren’t now pristine, but all current growth is dead growth and we intend to keep it that way. As we were standing in the water scrubbing the upside down dinghy, EW asked, “What’s easier, cleaning her or raising her at night?” I voted for raising her. Cleaning is gooky and I don’t do gooky. Well I do, but not happily.











And yes, EW had thoughtfully packed gloves and scrubbing tools for me and I cleaned half of the boat. There are no photos of that, but you can trust me. Really.

After Lunah Landah was as clean as she was going to get we righted her again, put the motor back on, then tied her to shore and went for a swim. It was lovely, and we decided to take some time this summer to scoot over to this island for a swim and snorkel every so often. After all, when one is in the Caribbean, one should enjoy a beach once in a while.

It’s a sacrifice we’ll make for all of you landlubbahs.


While EW worked to free the rusted motor lock, I enjoyed the pebble and coral beach.







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