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Yesterday, I was out dispatching for Fun Water Tours, and called EW before heading back to the boat. “If you want crepes for breakfast tomorrow, bring milk home.”

I can do that.

I had to work again this morning, at the Crown Bay cruise ship dock, which is close to La Luna, so instead of having a quick breakfast, I made a few Valentine’s for my sweetie. If you can’t read them, they say:

Be my Valentine? We’re a perfect match!

You are the King of my heart. Happy Valentine’s Day

A third one, not pictured, says,

Be Mine! You float my boat!

A few scattered hearts and he knew I loved him. As if that were in question – NOT!

I also made a few hearts and attached them to my tour sign, which was appreciated by the cruise ship guests and other tour operators. Leroy, the security guard at the gate got a kick out of telling folks on tours 812 and 815 to “look for the lady with the hearts”. One couple who joined the all day sail and snorkel tour are celebrating their 28th wedding anniversary today, so they really liked the hearts.

Back at the boat by 8:30, EW had all but two crepes cooked, and rolled with blueberry jam. When the rest were done they went into a warm oven and we … well, please enjoy the view and we’ll be right back.


Where was i? Oh. And then, EW put Nat King Cole on the stereo, and we dined on crepes and fresh cantaloupe, to “Unforgettable”, “Smile”, “Let There Be Love”, “Send for Me”, and “L-O-V-E”

Life is good.

Happy Valentine’s Day.


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Awm how romantic. And I thought cleaning the engine room would be a good gift - yours is a lot more romantic! D


Thanks, Dora. Hugs and Happy Valentine's Day to you and that sweet John. xoxox



L-O-V-E this!!!!


Thank you, Mary! Hope you had a happy Valentine's Day.

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