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Stop the Presses! Mr. Romance IS a Hunter Gatherer



Finally, the post that EW truly deserves. He’s been taking a lot of ribbing about not catching any fish during our first year at sea. In Grenada, he went out twice with Ross on s/v One White Tree – both times with fishing experts – and caught fish.

That’s good. He was praised, but he still hadn’t caught fish aboard La Luna.  That was my goal. We have plans for more long distance sailing and I have hope for fresh seafood along the way. So finally, as reported in the post via Sailmail, EW caught, landed, and successfully prepared a 27-inch long mahi-mahi, or dolphin fish during the sail from Trinidad to St. Thomas.

It was a beautiful fish. At EW’s request I packaged and froze it and we shared it with Jeff and Barb on our first visit with them. Delicious!  Mr. Romance is a hunter-gatherer and he’s mine.

I bow to you, my Sweetie. You did good.

To read more about our first year at sea -- including the original Mr. Romance post, you can read old posts of this blog -- or purchase the book on Kindle. Hart's at Sea - Sailing to Windward


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