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Day 3 "At Sea"

Stone Soup Fish

We checked out of Trinidad on Friday with the intention of leaving within the 24 hour legal time limit. Sort of. Friday night someone on shore had a major "lime" or party, playing bad music very loudly until 4AM. In an unusual occurrence, EW slept through the cacophony to the point that he questioned how bad it could have been when I told him about it in the morning. I was not amused, but was vindicated when folks on the cruisers' net also complained. The result was that we decided to leave the dock and "sneak" into Scotland Bay for a good night's sleep before this planned 5 - 7 day sail.

Scotland Bay is Trini's "Jewel Harbor", the primary weekend destination for local boaters. A few local sailboats and a number of local power boats were anchored before we arrived, and one of the larger power boats had a lively party with loud music. They, however, turned the music off before ten and we all had a good night's sleep. In addition to sleek cabin cruisers, a few smaller local vessels are anchored or pulled up on shore and folks are camping out in tents.

This morning, shortly after 6, EW was on deck when three local men pulled up in a small open boat. We both assumed they wanted to sell us something -- which would have been hard to do as we have rid ourselves of all TT money. That didn't matter, because after wishing us a good morning, they asked if we had any limes as they wanted to make a fish broth. I have a very few limes on board, but quickly decided to give the three whole limes to the fishermen. Then, one of them mentioned garlic and I handed up a whole head. Another fisherman smiled and asked EW if we had any peppers. I laughed and asked, hot? Of course hot. I provided a small bag with one hot and two seasoning peppers. While I was bagging the peppers, I heard EW say, "Oh thank you, but we're leaving this morning. We're sailing to St. Thomas." Evidently we had been invited to have fish on shore. So these lovely men gifted us with two fish - one a nice red snapper big enough for two.

I love the Caribbean. This was a perfect start to our journey, and the perfect good-by from Trinidad.

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