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So – I was tweaked on Facebook recently for not putting up a blog post in nearly a month. It’s been that kind of summer – and yes, it’s still summer here – in the eighties and we are still watching for hurricanes. EW and I have been kind of lazy, frankly. There haven’t been many onerous boat projects and we haven’t jumped on any major planned projects. We have made plans for the next couple of years – more on that later.

This week, I’m determined to get back on the blogging trail, so I went through my photos for August and September and found not five, not ten, not 15 … but 28 events photographed for potential blogs. That’s a huge back-blog of topics. (Did you see what I did there? I slay me.)

Anyway, it seems apt to begin with an easy post – just to let you know we are still out here having fun in the sun. As some of you may dimly remember, a spam post consists of mostly unrelated photos and events – sort of like the junk found in Spam. I first posted a spam post in the Bahamas, after finding not one, not two, but 5 varieties of Spam in the grocery store at Georgetown. That’s just about five more than the world needs – so the Spam post was born. (The above photo fails to depict the regular Spam flavor – so don’t try to find five varieties.)

Here we go. In chorological order – sort of. Photos from the back-blog, not worthy of full posts:

1-Newspaper article 7-24-2012 12-47-45 PM


1-Violin art 7-24-2012 12-41-32 PM

I visited home of Island Violin with owner Beth Wolfe, who teaches Donnell Best. Donnell is a talented violinist and vocalist who has been accepted to Berklee College of Music. He needs some help to attend and I hope he finds a way to achieve his dream. (See the original post here.)











Of course EW is participating in the Sunday Jam Sessions at Whisper Cove Marina. Chris from Troubadour is another regular and very, very rarely his lady Linda joins him in a song. I loved this photo. I remain a groupie at these sessions, taking photos and getting EW a beer whenever he requests it. I can be nice like that.





Biat is a solo cruiser – well, he doesn’t have a human crew. He does sail (and visit Hog Island) with his two crew members.





Lee from S/V Krasna was joined by his son and daughter for a few weeks this summer. All are talented. I’m not sure who was happier about being together and making music, but it certainly worked for us.







RUN, EW!  RUN!  This doesn’t look good at all.




Never mind.



Actually, many small farmers have one or two steers tied up on the farm in a new location each day. We’ve gotten used to walking past them.











The good news for farmers in Grenada … the soil is incredibly fertile.  

The bad news – it’s a very mountainous country. Here’s one farmer’s bamboo framed terraces.






The cemetery in town – with a blooming flamboyant tree.











An unfortunate inscription.  Oedipus much?











The tyke on the left performed her own interpretative, spontaneous dance when Barracuda played at Secret Harbor Marina.

The folks on the right, also performed their own spontaneous dance at the First Friday in September. That’s Carolyn Goodlander on the right.





The former Houses of Parliament and a church – destroyed by a hurricane still not repaired.




And finally – because I couldn’t resist --- heck, I didn’t every try.


One of the worst beach signs ever ……



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Darleen najera

Thank you, thank you!! Looking forward to more. Did you try Spam? Miss you. Big hugs.

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