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Here’s an update on the Carnival Flu. I’m fine, thanks. And thank you for the well wishes and healing notes. It’s just a cold. It’s almost gone. I got thru the Friday net just fine. I’m still sleeping on a mountain of pillows, but I’m sleeping.

We’ve also upped our activities and are having a busy week – guests on Friday, fishing on Saturday, Music Jam on Sunday, rest day on Monday, dinner guest tonight, salsa class tomorrow followed by snacks and dominoes on board La Luna, fishing seminar on Thursday with lobster feed to follow. That’s a full 7 days.

Anyway – here’s what I’ve learned about Carnival Flu. Each year the locals name it based on the most popular soca song for that year’s celebration. This year’s winner: Psycho. I had Psycho Flu.

Some of you knew that all along, didn’t you?

So – better late than never. Here are some photos of Pretty Mas – the parade on Carnival Tuesday. We went down early to watch the preparations.

This young lady was ready.



  Here she is at right, with our friend’s daughter.












Men were moving costumes, fixing costumes, and helping the ladies into them. (Men were costumed as well, but usually the women wore the larger, ornate, and heavy pieces. Go figure.








This was the face painting booth, where our young friend was decorated. Note the cruiser in the background who joined a men’s crew.

 1-P8141289We helped this lady get her head gear on over her blond wig. It wasn’t pretty. I loved the blend of costumes and cell phones, braces, cigarette lighters, and water bottles.  A girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do.




Here’s someone getting a temporary tattoo to go with her costume.





This little girl is ready to enjoy the parade. ( I LOVE this photo.)










The above scared us to death. Foolish tourists and students.




The carnival parades are not parades as we think of them. Our local friends helped us understand what was going on. 1 There are different crews each with their own soca songs and theme for the event. Within the crew are a number of different groups, all representing a part of the theme. 2. Only one crew has live music. The Lime Comancheros parade with a steel band on wheeled carts. All other groups parade with a large truck that includes massive speakers, a DJ, and very loud soca music. 3. There are two groups of judges and you need to be near the judges to see the groups as they were meant to be, and to hear the DJ explain what each group represents. 4. If you are watching the “parade” along the miles before, between, or after the judges, it’s just a scraggly group of costumed folk and loud music.


Some of the costumes are beautiful. Here is the queen of this crew.






Here’s a lady from the same group.













These ladies formed their own crew. I told them I wanted to join them next year. Note the matching handbags – no cell phones showing with them!


This guy -- cruiser? tourist? medical student? – certainly got into the mood.




Everyone is welcome to participate – age, gender, body type, skin color—not of that matters. .








1-P81419711-P81419271-P81419131-P81419701-P81412881-P8141942EW had a good time.1-P8141963-0011-P8142046

EW had a good time.


So did I – but not quite as good as EW.


I gotta cozy up to the men next time. This is just sad. Gotta keep my eye on EW, too -- EW and the divas.


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Darleen najera

Awesome pics Barb! Colorful. EW you stud muffin. Lol. Glad your feeling better and enjoying life.

Dan Isaac

Was wondering how you were doing and Judi J. said I'd find you if I just Googled. Now I've been enjoying your blogs for the last several months; I'm living vicariously through you and EW.


Thank you, Dan. We will head to Trinidad soon, then back to St. Thomas for the winter. I plan to find a job there to add to the cruising kitty prior to crossing the Atlantic in June. Best to all!

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